Let’s say that Carl Perkins hooked up with Peter Pan Speedrock and after a few months their beautiful baby girl, Sue, is born. And a pretty, headstrong baby it is. We just don’t know which Peter Pan is the daddy, but as drummers always have the strongest seed… Fast Forward a good 17 years, and our cute Sue goes to Graspop Metal Meeting. As she wanders into the backstage area, Lemmy from Motörhead falls from stage with a Boner to Raise Hell…
Hypothetically speaking: what would THIS love child sound like?
The new Fat Bastard (Belgium) album ‘Junk Yard Fest’ will be out soon! First single is ‘Blood, Sweat and Beer’. Prepare for some rawk ‘n roll!



3 thoughts on “(new video)NEW FAT BASTARD SINGLE AND VIDEO!”

  1. Hi Kraykulla!

    Not to be picky… 😉 But the song is called “blood, sweat & beer”… Not “tears”.
    And the album’s name is “Junk Yard Fest” in stead of Junk Yard Baby.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the support!

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    1. Hi, thanks for the warning. 😀 You should also warn the guys who send your promo press release about the video, because I copied it from there. Also, the link from the press release for your band Fb page leads to some other page 🙂 I corrected it in our zine bu some other maybe didn’t.


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