(record review)The Wingman-Sleeping Eyes(This Is Core)

The Wingman recently released their new e.p. via This Is Core and I listened and reviewed this record for our zine.


This band is based in Vicenza area, Italy and it started in 2015. This is their debut e.p. and it contains five songs of alternative indie post punk/rock with some poppy and emo influences. This means highly melodic songs and heartfelt lyrics completed with skillfull musicianship. This band is mixing postpunk, indie and alternative influences with some melodic pop and they do it well. This e.p. is great to listen when you want to relax from the blastbeats and more extreme music styles and you just want to chill and listen to some quality melodic and calmer music. There is an easy atmosphere all throughout this record and it is best for you to put your headphones on, lie down, listen to this record and forget about the world for half an hour. Best songs for me are Karpathos and Smells Like Alcohol.







(new video)New Video From Dead Girls Academy! Album out on Victory Records!

We already featured Dead Girls Academy on the pages of this zine with the review of their awesome album.


Now, the guys have their new video out so check it out!

I feel it’s my musical destiny to bring rock back to the forefront of music! It’s time it comes back swinging!” declares DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY frontman Michael Orlando. “This song has been going over incredibly well in concert so we wanted to give our fans a video they can get excited about live. I love when people get rowdy and show emotion during this song, it’s quite a blessing to have your music connect on many levels.”

“Most people expected a video drenched in blood or something out of ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ but that’s the reason we went ‘digital’ with the aesthetic. I’ve never done something like that before and this song leans on the concept of someone trying to change you. This is something we all deal with in friendships and relationships alike. Great things will come if you can look past other people’s distractions and know your self-worth.”

“It’s been a blast touring with our brothers in From Ashes To New. I love going out with bands that have passion and amazing production. I learn a lot watching bands perform and FATN really bring a great set! We are hitting cities I haven’t played in years and bringing our brand of music across the US once again.