(record review)KURVE-Na Obali Sreće

It took a couple of years but here is the new, third release by Kurve. I listened to the record and reviewed it for this webzine.


Kurve are hailing from Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, and they have a somewhat unique musical expression compared to the other bands from the Croatian punk hardcore scene. By combining hardcore, fast rocknroll and punkrock with poetic lyrics, they manage to achieve an intensive musical experience. Not to mention their highly energetic live shows which I recommend for you to check out. This record contains 5 songs, all of them having lyrics in Croatian language. As I said before, the lyrics are personal and at the same time they possess some gorgeous, drunk and obnoxious charm. The title song  is an anthemic fast paced punk n roll anthem with raw riffs but charming subtle melodies underneath it all and this one, along with Ispovijed is my favorite song on this record. This is a very strong record for all of you who love to try something a bit different. Check it out!






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