(interview)SATANIC SURFERS:Back from Hell at Punk Rock Holiday!

Satanic Surfers always fascinated with their speed, energy and melody making them one of our all time favorite bands. It was our pleasure to talk with the guys at this year´s Punk Rock Holiday.

For starters, let´s hit one typical fanzine question. How is the tour going? You guys touring or is it couple of select shows only?

Andy: It´s not a tour, it´s one off shows(laughs). Or you can call it a tour with a lot of days off(laughs). Is it Wednesday today?

Yes it is.

Andy: So, our last show was Saturday.

Magnus: So, we have been a bit home in between, working. Now we are here again.

So you are not able to live off your music? You all have steady jobs?

Andy: Not entirely. It is like a 50:50 kind of deal. I get half of my money from music and half from either working with, like I work in festival in Sweden, similar to this one, but not really.(laughs). I also do some graphic design.

Every band that we interview here considers this festival really awesome. So you are here for the second time, if I am not mistaken?

Magnus: Yes, we are here for the second time.


So, you have the new material, new album out. Did it come out on some label or diy?

Magnus: It came out on Rodrigo´s label.

I read that your drummer couldn´t come to the show tonight, so Rodrigo is drumming and singing tonight?

Magnus: Yeah, Stefan became father this Monday, so this is our third show Rodrigo is drumming and singing.

I always admired the drummers who sing and especially when you play so high energy, fast music. Let´s talk about the new album. You did a video, for Catch My Breath and it is an awesome song, high speed punkrock. I have been into this music hardcore punk for like 25 years and I really believe into some kind of hardcore force and when I listened to the new album it totally shook my bones, so much energy.

Andy: That´s what it´s about, the record is kind of going back to the roots, just high energy punk, like the band started back in the day I guess. Even the riffs are sometimes complicated, they should be raw and ironically enough, it took us like two years or even more to rehearse it, to kind of find the right beat. The end result is like the perfect mix of raw but still the kind of professional polished sound.

Yeah, I just wanted to say that. The production is kinda crystal clear, but still it possess that rawness.

Magnus: Some dirt.

I even hear some what I call trademark Swedish guitar style, I am really a fan of that Gothenburg melodic death metal style and on Catch My Breath for example that metalic part, that solo, but not really solo kills me every time.

Andy: That´s yours!(says to Magnus). I always think of Danzig when I hear that.(laughs)

How much is politics important to you as a band?  Do you consider Satanic Surfers political band?

Andy: Yes, I think so!


The right wing policy and anti immigrant policies as well as populism are on the rise. Has European Union lost it´s meaning and purpose?

Andy: I don´t think so. I think European Union is more important now than ever but it also needs to be more inclusive, I think it is also very difficult job they have. What we don´t need right now is to divide ourselves and I think Brexit is a huge failure because that´s just tears us apart. I think we need to come together as friends, brothers and sisters and that also includes refugees.

Exactly. There shouldn´t be barbed wires and machine guns at the borders. We live near Hungarian border and those guys put barbed wire there, Slovenia too! Croatia is pretty poor country, robbed and devastated by war, tycoons and many of our people go to work in other countries. Do you, as Swedes, consider Sweden to be heaven on Earth?

Magnus: Yes, it is a good country to live in, but only if you have Swedish citizenship(laughs). So many people live in Sweden that are not included in that society, that never, ever get a chance. They are either immigrants or they grew up in the wrong part of the city, so a lot of people are struggling in Sweden as well, but it is a good country, you have health insurance and stuff like that.

In my opinion, Sweden is like ideal social state, so to say.

Magnus: Yes, exactly! But people are complaining, and that is where the right wing parties thrive on. People are like scared of new people, from other countries, the same old thing, they are stealing this, they are stealing that and it is a lie.


But, in my opinion media also plays great part in this, they put fears into people´s heads like having headlines, they are stealing our jobs, our land and stuff, it all reminds too well of 1930-s and the man called Hitler.

Andy: It´s also when we talk about Lugenpresse or fake media, it´s just repeating itself, it´s really scary right now and yeah, I would like to say we are political band. We are not waving huge banners with statements but there is a lot of politics, even if the song is personal it still can have political undertones and maybe if we just convince one guy to not become a nazi that´s good I guess.

How are the gigs when you play in Sweden, is there a lot of violence, I hate when someone spoils the gig with a fight over here. In Croatia for example that can still be a problem.

Andy: They always talk about violence in podcasts, like the early 80-ies scene in New York and Washington, like really dangerous and not Disneyland like it is now. I think in Sweden there is not enough attention to the shows, so we have not too many people coming to shows with punk bands. I wish that support would be bigger.


Last question. Do you guys still remember your first punkrock or hardcore show that made you wanna be a part of the scene and play in a band and stuff?

Magnus: The most important show for me was a bit later, I already played in a band but I saw Poison Idea back in 1993.

That was still with Pig Champion?

Magnus: Yeah, that was the Feel The Darkness lineup.

Andy: That was the show when he couldn´t enter through the door, they had to open the doors and he head to go in sideways.

Magnus: That was an important show for me, I was 18 or 19 years old.

Andy: I don´t know. Maybe the first time I saw Satanic Surfers when I was a kid in 1995. I almost got deaf, it was so loud and I was like what the fuck is this, but I couldn´ be angry because I liked it so much, but I was also like auch, my ears!(laughs).

So it must be a happy feeling when you entered the band you watched play as a kid.

Andy: It was complicated, I first started as a fill in on guitar because Fredrik was going on vacation and I was gonna play guitar with the guys and I am not a good guitar player so it didn´t work out too well, so then I was like nah, it couldn´t happen but then Rodrigo said to me come to the rehearsal space we can jam. Just you and me and when I came to the rehearsal space they were all there and I got to play bass and I was like okay, I guess I like it!(laughs).

Thank you for the interview!

Both: Thank you! Good luck with the scene in Croatia!




(record review)FACE TO FACE-“Hold Fast”(Fat Wreck Chords)

Face to Face is another in the list of punkrock bands that released an acoustic album. The album came out via Fat Wreck Chords and I listened to the album and reviewed it for this webzine.


The album contains 10 songs of nice and acoustic melodic punkrock. The songs are quality stuff like we are used to from Trever Keith and his gang being in the scene since 1991. delivering melodic and energetic punkrock. I personally like this band but somehow they always missed my list of favorite bands. They were always somewhere around but never like hit me or made goosebumps on my skin. I saw them play live last year at Punk Rock Holiday and they were good, but their show was not one of the festival highlights for me. Nevertheless, this record has a couple of hitters like “Velocity” or almost country styled “Don˙t Turn Away”.  For me the best song on this record is the song that I love the most from Face to Face opus being “Disconnected”. Otherwise, this album didn`t have an impact on me, I dig acoustic punkrock but this one was just somehow passed me by and didn˙t hit me like some records do.


Order: http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail…

Tour: http://www.fatwreck.com/tour/single_a…





(record review)The Adolescents-“Cropduster”(Concrete Jungle Records)

As the years progress and pass us by, we are definitely not getting any younger. The time goes by, and some people that were our inspiration, our role models, the people whose music grabbed us by the balls and put us upon the scene, start to die. Steve Soto of The Adolescents and Agent Orange passed away recently. It is a great and sad loss for the punk hardcore community. But, Steve´s legacy lives on through his music and this is the new The Adolescents record out on Concrete Jungle Records that I listened and reviewed for this webzine.


The new record contains 18 new songs of punkrock hardcore just like we are used to by these legendary band from California. The music of The Adolescents on this record is somehow the mirror image of their feelings towards the American politics and Trump spiced with angry punkrock underlayed with wonderful melodies beneath the punk ferocity. Also, there is a lot of emotional input in this record and it can be felt in the lyrics and music and throughout the vibe on this record that sometimes awakes a kind of punkrock nostalgia in me for example while listening to “Paradigm Bag Junkies” or “Alice on Wonderland”. I also love “Room 223” and the title track. This is an energetic and also emotional record, and for sure one of the best punk hardcore releases this year so far.






(record review)EISBERG-Few Will Remain(BDHW Rec)

Eisberg has an interesting story concerning the band since the band was founded in Boston, but basically, it is an European hardcore band with members being from Luxembourg, Austria and UK.


This is their new record out on BDHW Rec and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine. The record contains 7 songs of intense and harsh hardcore which the fans of such bands as Madball, Turnstile and similar will like very much. The music is more hanging in the metal inspired riffs and music than the punkrock side of the story. There are some real metalcore riffs and double bass drumming like for example in Sealed Your Fate. Personally, my favorite song on this record is Moving On. But, I personally more like hardcore with punk and street punk undertones, so this is a fine record but a bit too metal in my opinion. Nevertheless, this record again proves the strength and vitality of the current international hardcore scene!







(news-punkrock) New Junk City join Real Ghost Records, listen to the new song from the upcoming record!

da036800-af4a-4e9c-a2ce-3f5aa0f7fd36Real Ghost Records are absolutely delighted to welcome New Junk City to the expanding  family and confirm that NJC shall release their sophomore full length ‘Same Places’ both digitally and on vinyl on 12 October 2018!

To celebrate this announcement the band teamed up with the fine folk over at Immersive Atlanta to exclusively present the first single, which is entitled ‘Stay Asleep’You can check it out here.

If you like what you hear (and we are certain that you will) you can go ahead and preorder the record now using this link!

NB: North American friends will soon be able to pre-order via Night Animal Records and/or Secret Pennies.


Listen, everyone knows that getting old kind of sucks. Simple tasks in life seem to be more difficult as the days and years go by, and your find yourself trading in record hunting and late night shows at dive bars for utility bills and early morning alarm clocks. The dichotomy of growing older and wiser and maintaining youthful exuberance becomes harder and harder to manage with every trip around the sun.On New Junk City’s sophomore full length, “Same Places,” the Atlanta-based quartet explore through this idea of trying to stay young at heart while your body grows older and older. Building upon the foundation the band laid on their debut LP (2014’s Self Titled Effort), “Same Places” continues the bands trend of high-energy, high-intensity melodic folk-inspired and pop-influenced style of punk, while also dipping the bands metaphorical toes into some new realms. Often compared to the likes of the Menzingers, early-era Get up Kids and The Gaslight Anthem, New Junk City layers a combination of both brash and noodling guitars over a driving and pounding rhythm section, combined with gravelled-but-oddly-melodic vocals with a certain fervor and passion not often captured on record. And while the bands music and sound certainly is one of their biggest selling points, on “Same Places” singer John Vournakis belts out nine heart-on-the-sleeve songs and stories dealing with the fear of loss, fear of being alone, and fear of being stuck, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. From the squealing feedback that opens the record, all the way through it’s abrupt ending, “Same Places” takes the listener through a journey of growing older, while still trying to remember who you are.

There’s a phrase you’ll see floating around twitter from time to time: “music for Old Punx.” While it started as something sort of tongue and cheek, the term “old punx” has begun to resonate and take a life of its own in the scene because it represents growth and maturity (both in terms of musical taste and life in general) while still staying true to the music and ideals that helped mold you into the person you are today. And while “Same Places” might not just be “music for old punx,” New Junk City absolutely build through that idea on this record. Because, to end where we began, getting old kind of sucks. But New Junk City seem to be making the most of it.”



We have already featured Slund on the pages of this zine when we reviewed the last release by this Slovenian one man powerviolence grindcore band. This is the brand new release, the new music and this time in the shape of split record with Maggot Bath.


Slund side of the record contains 5 songs in the known way this band/project makes music. This means ultrafast powerviolence hardcore mixed with some grindcore and sludgy slow parts thrown in for good measure. What I love about Slund is a clever mix of samples and autoirony with black humour and engaged lyrics. The songs deal with poseurs, some personal issues, anti religion…Slund is certainly worth your time and listening if you are into such music.

Maggot Bath side of the record contains 4 songs in the similar way musically, meaning a mixture of fast and aggressive hardcore punk powerviolence and some sludge slowness with screaming vocals. These guys come from down under, from Australia. There are no lyrics enclosed so I don´t know that those guys are singing about but the titles like Pubic Wig or Happy Ending give you a clue, don´t they? This is a fine release and I like Slund part of the record better.