(record review)FAIR DO´S-“Leopards”(Lockjaw Records)

Straight outta Manchester come Fair Do´s with their awesome new album on Lockjaw Records and I listened to the record and reviewed it for this webzine.

Fair Dos Leopard Art pre release

UK has an awesome melodic hardcore punk scene with bands like The Human Project, Avas, Darko coming to mind immediately. Manchester´s Fair Do˙s were formed in 2008. and “Leopards” is their high anticipated debut album. It contains ten song of crushing and uncompromising technical and fast melodic hardcore punk with political and smart lyrics.

First, besides music, for me the vocals are very important and this band has it all. The screams, the anger, the melody and style being qualities of their singer, one of the best in the genre right now. There are couple of songs that I must mention as my highlights from this album. First of them is “Distress Call” because it has a fine line between being an angry screamed hardcore song and melodic punk anthem. “Cowabunga” is a continuation of that style having one of the best underlining guitar melodies that I have heard in the last couple of years. “Closing In” is for me the best song on this record and made me listen to it again and again with its neck breaking speed and melodic ferocity. “Hostile Company” feels like a crouching tiger coiled and waiting to attack and tear you apart with its structured riffs and melodies. The last song I will mention as being awesome is “Lose My Touch” with fast and so heartfelt chorus. This is an excellent album, so order your copy and see the guys play live somewhere, because this material is certainly great live.






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