(record review)TAIWAN BALEK-“Waiting For Growing Up”

France gave many excellent bands and records in the history of its scene, this band is one who will yet make history. Taiwan Balek are melodic hardcore punk band from Toulon, France and I listened and reviewed their new record for this webzine.


The record contains 6 songs of melodic and highly energetic hardcore punk. “No Arms, No Candles” is a fast 90-ies reminding song, with great harmonic melodies. “At Morning” and “Daisy” offer excellent mix of faster melodic parts mixed with atmospheric emotional parts in between. For me, the best song on this record is No Use For A Name sounding “Digital Soul”, punkrock song that had a strong impact on me as a listener being an anthem that I wished I wrote. “Minx” and “Big Box” continue in the song structure as the first third of the record and finish it leaving you wanting for more. That means, good record! Not something new, not something unheard of, but hey, it´s melodic punk and it˙s good, so get it and give it a chance or two!


Follow the band on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taiwanbalek

Bandcamp: https://taiwanbalek.bandcamp.com/album/waiting-for-growing-up



(new song-new album soon)Night Birds released new song! New album out soon on Fat Wreck Chords!



If you’re a fan of Night Birds, like we are, you’ll want to thank the several nor’easters that slammed into the east coast this past winter.
Being barricaded in their homes, Night Birds had nothing better to do than write some new music! Head over to Decibel right now to listen to “My Dad Is the BTK.” It’s an explosive first taste of their ripping new eight-song mini-album, Roll Credits, out Sept 21. Additionally, the 12-inch and limited edition 7” box set are available for pre-order today! The box set includes “cover art” for each song on the album, each drawn by a different artist. Featuring art from Chris Shary, Nathan Gattis, Perry Shall, Marissa Paternoster, Michael Saunders, Paul D’Elia, Alex Hagen, and Keith Marlowe.

Roll Credits marks the return of original guitarist Mike Hunchback who will also be joining them on their upcoming tour, dates here!

Night Birds – My Dad is the BTK (Official Audio) Roll Credits – Out Sept. 21st


(record review)PROBATION-“Fucked by Life”(WTF Records)

Time for something harder to grace the pages of this zine, namely the review of the new e.p. by Probation  If you  are a fan of harder and more dirtier side of hardcore punk you came to the right place. The record is out on mighty Wtf Records. Read on!


Hailing from Limburg Noord area, these Dutch trio plays a dirty mixture of hardcore, sludge and some d-beat thrown in for good measure. This record contains 6 tracks of bleak despair, hatred, autoirony garnished with black humour and sarcasm. The titles like “Life Sucks, Kill Yourself”, “Imperial Needle” or the title track imagine the lyrical themes well, don˙t they? The songs are mainly fast paced with almost crusty old school d-beat sound turned into modern hardcore punk but retaining that dirty and greasy vibe in the production and also easily changing pace into lower downtuned sludge core stuff. For me the best song on this record is “Wrong Answer”. This record is one more proof of greatness and versity of European hardcore punk scene.


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(record review)D.O.A.-“Fight Back”(Sudden Death Records)

D.O.A. are back! The Canadian hardcore punk legends are celebrating their 40th anniversary! 40 years! That is my current age! This is their new album and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine.

2018 - Fight Back

My friend once wrote that only old people listen to D.O.A. and he was kinda right. I first listened to this band via tape that one of my best friends in life gave me around 1994. or 1995. It was some greatest hits tape and I remember that “Disco sucks” immediately made me love this band. Fast forward to 2018.and the new album. Joey Keithley and his gang deliver the new batch of 13 songs that are both likeable to punkrockers and the hardcore kids. Now, even 40 years later, the problems are the same and there is still no compromise by these Canadian veterans. “You need an ass kickin´ right now” is a kick in the ass, a wake up call same as “Killer cops” and “Time to fight back”, very melodic punk song. “Gonna set you straight” is a very dirty sounding song with anthemic chorus. There is almost country vibe with a punk attitude in “Wanted man”, so the album has a very different sounding vibe in some songs, but all in some hardcore punk area but with maybe a wider scope. Good album.





(record review)BBS Paranoicos-“Delusional”(Pulpa Discos)

South America is filled with undiscovered wonders, meaning tons of excellent bands and labels and nice people. BBS Paranoicos are from Santiago de Chile and they play a mix of melodic punkrock and hardcore and I listened and reviewed their new record out on Pulpa Discos for this webzine.


The record contains 12 songs of excellent melodic hardcore punkrock. If I must compare the music to some bands it would be like Descendents meeting No Use For A Name meaning punkrock with a lot of emotion behind the music. One other thing that I must mention while listening to this record are the vocals. The singer of this band is one of the best, nice, beautiful voices I have ever heard and I heard a lot of them! Excellent melodies, excellent harmonies and songs that don´t get boring throughout the whole album. Unfortunately or luckily, all songs are in Spanish language, so I can˙t understand what they are all about, but nevertheless this is an awesome record that makes me listen to it on repeat over and over again! Top songs in my opinion are: “Insomnio” and “Enemigo Mio”.



Follow the band on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbsparanoicos1/

Follow the label and get the album: https://www.facebook.com/Pulpadiscos/



(news)Italian Los Fastidios are touring Europe and here are the tour dates! Be sure to catch their gig at one of the dates listed here!

Oi! Oi! Rudies, are you ready for the LOS FASTIDIOS “2018 MID SUMMER EUROPE TOUR”?

14 shows across Europe, from the south to the north and back !!!!


Germany, France, England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium rudeboys and rudegirls, LOS FASTIDIOS are coming….to make your summer hotter than never !!!!

Also, check out KobRecords for excellent bands and distro!


“So Far Gone,” the track that kicks off ABANDONED BY BEARS highly anticipated album is here today. The bands third studio album, Headstorm, is set for worldwide release on August 24, 2018 via Victory Records. To coincide with the release, the Swedish punk crew will be serving up old favorites alongside their new tunes on the inaugural Headstorm Tour, kicking off August 24 in Chicago, IL.

Bassist Gustav Eriksson explains the track’s meaning, “This is about coming to your senses after you’ve gone down the wrong path in life. Whether it is a major life changing mistake or just a small thing to anger you, ‘So Far Gone’ elaborates on how these circumstances make you feel lost and out of place in your current situation. Visually, we wanted to show an interpretation of the lyrics with the slightly funny side of an 80’s adventure movie.”


Fronted by the dual vocal combo of Leon Ekelund and Fredric Andersson, ABANDONED BY BEARS is rounded out by guitarist Jacob Devinder and Max Fahlman on drums. The band released The Years Ahead in 2016 under Victory Records and spent a quarter of that year in the US touring ever possible corner. They returned in 2017 for another taste of America before closing out the year with their first ever tour of the UK.

Due to popular demand, ABANDONED BY BEARS will spend two months circling the US for the first tour supporting Headstorm, starting August 24 in Chicago. The tour ends in Nashville on October 25 and “fans can expect a good mix between the last album The Years Ahead, the new one and even some older, deeper material,” promises Eriksson. “We’ve put together a good set that will appeal to everyone and can’t wait to showcase it. Other than that, we look forward to seeing old friends and faces, make new ones and have a good time like always! Americans are always very friendly and welcoming so we’ll probably end up needing surgery on the muscles of our faces to fix the mile-wide grins!”

Pre-order packages for Headstorm are available now and include an instant download of “Headstorm” and “So Far Gone.” The full album will be available everywhere August 24, 2018.