(new video)Croatian melodic punks Fajrunt released the new video for “Predstava”. Watch it here!

We already featured awesome Croatian melodic punk band Fajrunt from Varaždin in this webzine.


They just released their brand new video for “Predstava”, in my opinion the best song from their current album with the same title meaning “The Show” in Croatian.

Check out the video, get both of their full length albums and support the guys, I know it would mean a lot to them!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fajruntvz


(record review)KEEP THE PROMISE-“Ghosts of Revenge”(Bleeding Nose Records)

The Italian scene is very strong with many punk and hardcore bands putting out the records and organizing gigs, festivals and the underground network keeps growing strong. Keep The Promise is not a new name in the scene, and they released their new record via Bleeding Nose Records. I was very happy being able to listen to the record and review it for this webzine.


The record contains nine songs. Keep The Promise play the kind of hardcore that we used to call new school hardcore in the 90-ies. That means brutal metalised hardcore in the vein of Earth Crisis, Integrity, early Hatebreed, Bloodlet and similar bands. This guys will stomp with their songs all over your face and laugh about it later. Musically, they picked up where similar bands in the 90-ies left off. The production is awesome, the song structures are very aggressive with many breakdowns, mosh parts and stomping parts. I loved the faster songs like “Your Race Doesn´t Exist”. There are couple of guests on this album  that enrich the songs with their participations. The lyrics are in English language and I think that this band is really political but doing it in a way that average hardcore kid can recognize himself/herself in the song lyrics. I loved the short dark atmospheric intermezzo “Ghost Animal” with ominous piano background and movie samples. A perfect intro for in my opinion the best song on this record “Hell´s Bedroom” with gang vocals, hardcore no holds barred attitude and street wisdom, also “The Stench of Evil” with a wicked melody underneath it all. I am just not keen on such bands but this is a decent record.



Follow on FB: https://www.facebook.com/KTPhc/

Label: https://www.facebook.com/BleedingNoseRecords/



(news)RPM FEST Early Bird Ticket discount ends July 2nd; Aug. 24-26th event feat. BLACK TUSK, TOMBS, INCITE, WHORES….

Held this year in Montague, Massachusetts, RPM Fest is an annual three-day outdoor heavy Rock, Punk, and Metal music festival that in 2018 features 50 bands on three stages, as well as camping, games, local beer and food vendors, and more. The RPM Fest organizers announced the 2018 full band roster for the August 24-26th event, with the 2018 lineup bringing in national headlining acts such as Black Tusk, Tombs, Incite, Whores., and Acid Witch, as well as additional local and regional vendors and festival sponsors for the 2018 event.


Early Bird Ticket sales began in June and the discounted prices are due to end on Monday, July 2nd. You can find RPM Fest tickets and pre-order merch bundles here: rpmfest.org/tickets/

They’ve also released a RPM Fest 2018 Compilation on Bandcamp, featuring over 30 songs from the festival roster of bands, and is offered at a ‘Name Your Price‘ digital download.

Each year of RPM Fest has occurred in Western Massachusetts, which has been a hotbed for spawning nationally-recognized heavy music acts like Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Since RPM Fest’s 2014 start, West Mass has seen a heavy music resurgence, with its goal to keep fostering the local heavy music scene by showcasing some of the best underground bands New England has to offer.


RPM Fest 2018 – Band Lineup