(record review)-DETOXI-“Death of a nation”

Detoxi is an American band from Ventura, California and they play horrorpunk with darkened atmosphere and some gothpunk influences. I listened to their new record and reviewed it for this webzine.


I must admit I have never heard of these guys prior to this record, but I am glad that I have now. This record contains 5 songs and when you basically strip down the music what remains is pure blooded punkrock. The lyrics of the songs are darkened and you get a feeling of despair while reading and listening to the songs but this is not your basic horrorpunk with themes from the movies and novels and stories and legends. This is personal point of view and battling your own demons which I can feel in this music. This band probably maybe doesn´t feel like part of the horrorpunk scene but this record proves all the beauty and diversity of that beloved subgenre because horrorpunk community is still small and it´s good that it is small but tight and open to all of the influences, from industrial, doo wop to the classic Misfits-esque sound.  If you like darkened punkrock then this record is just right for you.


Get the album on Bandcamp: https://detoxi.bandcamp.com/album/death-of-a-nation

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(record review)THE PHOSPHORUS BOMBS-“Blank Slates”

I never cease to be amazed with the Australian punk hardcore scene. So many awesome bands, so many awesome people and although we live across half the world from each other, I feel connected to them by the magic of music. The Phosphorus Bombs from Sydney have a new record out and I listened and reviewed it for this webzine.


“Blank Slates” contains five songs of refreshing yet somehow nostalgic hardcore punk. The music is very harsh and energetic, angry and noisy, yet it still contains enough hidden melody underneath to keep it catchy and excellent. Don´t get me wrong, this guys really know how to handle their music instruments and play well and thought out punk. The lyrics are personal, somehow self deprecating but still enough political and smart between the lines. The song that I loved the most while listening this record a couple of times was “Overdue”, being the most melodic and energetic song on the record for me. This is an excellent record by the excellent band, so go get it, write to the guys in the band, tell them how you loved and why you loved their music, I am sure it will mean tons to them!



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Get the album on Bandcamp(listen to all of their stuff, it˙s awesome)




(new lyric video)Chaser (Dying Scene Records) premieres the best new punk song you’ll here this month

Chaser from South California is a newer melodic punk band that quickly became one of my new favorite bands. I listened on repeat over and over again the songs from the upcoming full length album “Sound the sirens” on DYING SCENE RECORDS & EFFERVESCENCE RECORDS

CHASER Promo Photo

Now, Chaser premiered the new lyric video for “Let it die”, the first Chaser track to feature dueling lead vocals between singer Mike LeDonne and bassist Jesse Stopnitzky and believe me, it is a killer combination of both melodic and powerhouse voices mixed with energetic punk rebelious song.

The band said this about the song:

“A few random facts about “Let It Die”: 1) Our album title, “Sound the Sirens” is derived from the chorus. 2) This is the first time CHASER has featured another band member in a shared lead vocal role. 3) While tracking the drums in the studio, we continued to speed up the tempo faster and faster until we felt it reflected our level of aggression and frustration, while maintaining its mid-tempo rocking spirit.”

Watch and listen:

The track will appear on Chaser’s upcoming album “Sound The Sirens” due out digitally through Dying Scene Records (pre-order) and physically through Effervescence Records (pre-order) on July 20th.

Can˙t wait for the album!

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