(record review)SHIFT-D-“This Message Will Self-Destruct(Thousand Islands Records)

Gotta love Canadian punkrock scene. So many awesome bands, so many awesome labels, and of course awesome people who make the scene possible there! Shift-D from Ontario were formed in the mid nineties but went on hiatus until 2013.when they reformed again. This is their new record out now on Thousand Islands Records and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine!

This Message Will Self-Destruct - Cover

The record contains intro plus seven songs of melodic hardcore punk. This band is very technical and knows how to handle their instruments but still they left that punkrock somehow careless and free vibe in their songs  and I love that vibe on the record. After the intro the opener “Recovery” makes you recover from the bad day and you listen to that fast and melodic punkrock song and forget about all the shitty problems. “Reasons” is a mid tempo melodic punkrock song with a lot of emotion behind it and it is one of my favorites on this record. “Crowns and Anchors” is another heartfelt song with a memorable and catchy main guitar melody  and I don´t know why that melody somehow reminded me of a mixture of country song and Hawaii hehe. The vocals on the record are awesome, neither snotty nor too melodic, just right, and the backing vocal harmonies are killer, too! “Straight to Hell” is a fast, more aggressive and technical punk song with political lyrics told in personal way, as far as I understood it. “Sorry” is a punkrock song that made me somehow sad because of the lyrics and the vibe. “Vicious Memory” is another song that had a strong impact on me, being intense melodic anthem. The closing “One Man Show” surprised me with reggae beat and I loved how the overall vibe of this record is kinda sad and made me somehow nostalgic and sad, but also full of hope. Awesome record!



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(record review)SLUND-“If you´re angry and you know it, clap your hands”(Bruxism Records)

Slovenia has great underground scene and I love the bands and going to gigs there. This time I listened to and reviewed the new record by SLUND.


This band plays a mix of powerviolence hardcore, sludge and punk, for your dirty hearing pleasure. The album contains 14 songs mainly under one minute long with two or three exceptions not longer than minute and half hehe, meaning pure powerviolence with screaming vocals, noisy blastbeats turning fast into sludgy punk mid tempo parts all spiced with sarcastic samples and song titles such as “Forget you, motherforgetter” or “Insulting you in medieval ways” to name just a few. When you read the lyrics they sound funny, but actually the lyrics contain critical view on many things that bother us in the world today but they are so cleverly packed in sarcasm and humour so this is another plus for the band in my opinion. Great record to scream your lungs out to!


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