(record review)ELWAY-“For the sake of the bit”(Red Scare Industries)

Elway is an American punkrock band from Colorado. “For the sake of the bit” is their latest album and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine.


As the readers of this webzine are already aware I love and always appreciate the emotion and melody behind punkrock music and Elway provides all of that with this album. The album contains 8 melodic punkrock songs, this is not fast hardcore stuff, this is more of a Nothington/Menzingers stuff meaning melodic punk with personal lyrics and emotional choruses made for singing along. Personally, the best songs for me on the album are “Hold on”, “Selfish masochistic psychic trauma” and “Paper guitars”. This is an excellent album for listening to chill out but also to throw out of your system something that hurts you and doesn´t leave you be. So, I am recommending you, if you love punkrock done in melodic but at the same time personal way, get this one.


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Bandcamp: https://elwaytheband.bandcamp.com/album/for-the-sake-of-the-bit