(festival report)TRASH N BURN-22./23.06.2018.-Sv Martin na Muri

I just can) t believe that it has been exactly ten years since this festival started and how it grew from the small enthusiastic little festival to something so big. That is all thanks to one man´s vision and persistence, Neven I congratulate you for ten years of fun and great memories!


As some of you who read this might know, this festival is so much more than only music, it is first and mostly meeting of American cars and subculture of custom made vehicles, rockabilly and rock n roll lifestyles and friendly atmosphere placed in beautiful scenery and surrounding just by the Croatian/Slovenian border. The festival always takes place for two days, Friday and Saturday. The first day on Friday the rain relentlessly kept falling in the morning and noon hours but in the afternoon the weather knew that it was time to officially start the festival, so Sun showed it´s beautiful head through the clouds.


We got there in the early evening hours, since the place is not far from our hometown, circa 20 km or less. We were immediately surprised by how many people were there already on Friday, since the first day is traditionally less visited than Saturday, the second day. But this Friday was national holiday in Croatia, so the people didn´t need to work, so they were free to go to Trash N Burn. We walked around the perimeter saying hello to the dear people that we know and wondering the beauty of the surrounding scenery and checking some American cars. I am not some car enthusiast so I don´t really know all the names and what is cool, what is not, I only know that I liked some of them. We drank some beer and the night fell, so the music part of the festival started.


I checked HIPBONE SLIM ONE MAN BAND from UK, who played first on Friday. That guy was here a couple of years ago with his other full band and this time he played and tours as a one man band. I am usually not too keen concerning one man bands but I really liked this one. He played noisy garage rock with some Bo Diddley covers and the crowd really participated in the show and loved every minute. That was a cool one.

The rain started to fall again, so it killed the atmosphere a bit, but no matter what the show must go on! After a longer stage set, the next to play were BILLIE AND THE KIDS from Zagreb, Croatia, who promoted their new record after they took a pause for some time and now they are active again.


They played some 50-ies influenced rock and roll and rockabilly with a lot of band members, nine if I counted well. I didn´t like their show much, that was just not my cup of tea unfortunately. But, that is only my personal opinion, the people loved them and supported their show and partied on. We grew tired, so we went home to take some rest and prepare for the second day.

On Saturday we arrived earlier in the afternoon, around 4 pm and parked the car in the center of the village and then took a ten minute long walk to the venue because it was just mission impossible to park by the venue because of the huge crowd there. We entered the venue and were surprised by the mass of people who gathered there. The famous pin up girl photo contest was just taking place and the three of us drank a beer and wandered around a bit checking everything out.

We hung out for quite some time with our buddies from Slovenian Magna Rota BC. They make excellent awesome custom bicycles and believe me you won´t regret if you check out their Facebook page. In the meantime, the crowd just grew bigger and mosquitos too, they stung like hell! After a lot of beers, laughter and superb fun, the night fell and the gigs started. I watched and listened PETE&THE SHINE BRIGHTS from Italy and THE TRI-GANTICS from Austria but neither of the bands impressed me much with their rockabilly and somewhat bluesy sound, so this is not my cup of tea. But, judging by what I saw there, the people in front of the stage had some decent fun and that is what matters most. We were tired and we had some stuff that we had to do on Sunday, so we went home but the party at Trash N Burn continued until early Sunday morning/afternoon hours.

So, whether it is the last, as Neven said, or there will be more, once again I want to thank Neven, Adi and all of the crew for ten years of awesome memories and fun we had there!