(record review)TEN MINUTES LATER-“S/T”

You gotta love the French hardcore scene giving us so many excellent bands and TEN MINUTES LATER from Saint Étienne is definitely one of them. This is their album, and if you love melodic and fast, energetic hardcore, you should definitely check out this one! I listened the album and reviewed it for this webzine!


The record contains 10 songs of awesome hardcore and these guys have been around delivering the fast hardcore since 2016. The songs are awesome and fast. The lyrics are a fine mix of politically engaged and personal and these guys have their hearts and beliefs in the right places. I love “Her Smile” with nice emotional lyrics and melody. There are also some ultra fast almost chaotic songs like “Too expensive” about the price of work. The whole record is an awesome mix of European fast political hardcore punk with American hardcore from the 80-ies. The short and sweet “Pepsi Generation” brought the point in less than a minute. This whole album is an energy hardcore bomb just waiting to strike, so check it out!


Bandcamp: https://10minuteslater.bandcamp.com/releases


(new lyric video-melodic punk)Chaser (DS Records) premieres lyric video for “The Show” on PunkNews

thumbnail_CHASER Promo Photo

Southern California skate-punk act CHASER have premiered a lyric video for a brand new track off their upcoming release on DYING SCENE RECORDS & EFFERVESCENCE RECORDS. “The Show” is their homage to the annual tradition of punk rock festival pilgrimage. Doesn’t matter if your festival of choice is PRB, Fest, Punk In Drublic, or Punk Rock Holiday, you’re going to relate to this song.
Of the song, the band writes:
“The Show” pays tribute to some of our favorite moments growing up. The sun is shining, the music is blasting and we’re shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people singing along. Warped Tour started it all for us, and luckily, the rise of these modern day festivals has filled the void. We’re all grown up now, and expected to take it easy, but you can’t take the punk rock out of the boy. So you’ll still find us crowd surfing, pitting, stage diving, and singing every word. “And we will stay forever this way!”  In the bridge, our singer Mike LeDonne sings, “I’ll be in the pit and taking hits,” and I chime in with “I’ll stay at the barricade”, which is actually how it usually happens when we go to shows together.
Watch or grab the YouTube embed code for “The Show” over at punknews.
thumbnail_CHASER - Sound The Sirens
The track will appear on Chaser’s upcoming album “Sound The Sirens” due out digitally through Dying Scene Records (pre-order) and physically through Effervescence Records (pre-order) on July 20th.
“Sound The Siren” Track Listing:
01. The Uprising
02. At What Cost?
03. Nightmares
04. Silencer
05. Bonfire
06. Let It Die
07. The Show
08. Wars
09. Bet It All
10. A Million Reasons
11. Woe Song
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