(news)LIKE TORCHES SIGN WITH VICTORY RECORDS Loves And Losses, New Album Coming This Year, Produced by Ryan Key of Yellowcard ‘Silver Lines’ New Track Released Today


With a new label home of Victory Records, Stockholm rock quintet LIKE TORCHES have separated themselves from Sweden’s music scene since their debut, 2013’s Keep Your Head High. Burning like their namesake, these five emotionally charged individuals are set to release Loves And Losses, later this fall. The proof is in the first single released, ‘Silver Lines.’

Preview The New Track ‘Silver Lines.’

“We have never met a label as enthusiastic and excited about LIKE TORCHES as Victory, so we are all intrigued to see what we can accomplish together,” explains vocalist Jonathan Karn. “It is an honor to be working with a label that has released so many of the legendary records we grew up listening to.”

Yellowcard vocalist Ryan Key took lead as producer as the Swedish outfit packed up and took to the streets of Nashville to create their upcoming album Loves And Losses. Key interjects, “It’s hard to explain the excitement hearing your work completed like this, so proud of these dudes and these songs.” On the recording of the band’s first material in over two years, Karn explains, “We wanted to combat our normal surroundings, and the culture of ‘Music City’ helped us be more creative and filled us with so much inspiration so we could find our perfect sound. We literally explored new territories and that allowed us to feel the highs and lows of being in a band, hence the name Loves And Losses.”

Echoing that sentiment on the new track ‘Silver Lines,’ Karn admits, “Sometimes you feel like everything around you is falling apart. Nothing goes the way you planned, and you’re doing everything you can to find some kind of light in the end of the tunnel. It’s like the chorus reads, ‘Somewhere high in a golden sky, memories, broken dreams, burning in the light.’ Somewhere out there, there’s an answer. You just have to find it.”

LIKE TORCHES, rounded out by second vocalist and guitarist Daniel Karn, guitarist Erik Thyr, bassist Zakarias Faleij and drummer Jimmy Brunkvist, have shared their music globally with such artists as Taking Back Sunday, Memphis May Fire, Hit The Lights and many others across Europe, Japan, US and Australia, and will keep their fire burning throughout 2018. Karn promises fans, “To everyone that has supported us through this journey: We took our time on this one. We wanted to make it right. And we did. The record came out sounding just the way we hoped and dreamed it would. Thank you so much for the patience and see you on the road soon!”

(record review)SKASSAPUNKA-“Adelante”(KobRecords Italia)

Skassapunka are now ten years old. Formed in Lainate, near Milan, Italy, they quickly evolved into one of the best European ska punkrock acts. This is their brand new fourth album that came out on mighty KobRecords Italia and I listened and reviewed it for this webzine.


The album contains 11 songs just made to make your day and put you back up on your feet and make you dancing. The music is a mixture of melodic punk and ska with some core influences. Excellent sing along anthemic choruses, fast ska punk rythm songs for jumping and dancing and a nice lyrical stand. These guys sing against fascism, homophobia, xenophobia, imperialist tendencies…so they have their hearts and souls in the right places. The lyrics are in Italian mostly and I once already stated how I love Italian language in punk, especially melodic punk music, because it is such beautiful melodic langauge that fits nicely in melodic punkrock. So, if you love ska melodic punkrock and love to dance, sing and shout out to the loud punkrock this is the record just made for you! Top songs for me:”Entusiasmo y Venceremos” and “Back to the Past”, also “Crazy Town”.


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