(record review)AUTHORITY ZERO-“Rythm and Booze III”

If you read this webzine and are a fan of melodic punk hardcore with some reggae thrown in for good measure you know AUTHORITY ZERO. I saw this band live for the first time in Slovenia at Punk Rock Holiday 1.6 two years ago and was blown by their music and energy! The guys released their new album “Broadcasting to the Nations” on the mighty Bird Attack Records in 2016.which was reviewed in this webzine and dubbed one of the best punk albums that year! This time the guys did something different with their new album and I listened and reviewed it for this webzine, so check this out!


The new album is in fact a live album with the music of Authority Zero played in acoustic, unplugged way! This is the band´s third live album and first they self released! The album contains 14 songs and it was awesome to hear those songs done arranged in a bit different way than you can hear on their records! Although this is an acoustic album you can feel the energy deriving from their live show, the energy I felt for the first time when I saw them live two years ago and that energy made me fall in love with this band. Many bands do live acoustic albums only to fullfill their contracts with the label or to make some extra money but that is not the case with Authority Zero. Get this awesome album and check it out!