(record review)THE MONSTER ONES-“Bat Thunder”

You know, dear reader, that the love between us, the makers of this webzine and horrorpunk is everlasting and will never die! So, this time we present you THE MONSTER ONES, horrorpunk band from Palma De Mallorca, Spain. I listened and reviewed their new album for this webzine.


Existing since 2008.this Spaniards mix their vision of horrorpunk with glam rock, rockabilly and deathrock influences in their music, but fuck it, it´s mainly horrorpunk. These four guys and one girl delivered a real powerhouse of the album with tight musicianship, strong songs and not sounding like anyone´s clone and that is often a problem within horrorpunk scene. The album contains 11 songs with the titles like “Slasher” or “Body Snatchers” you just can´t go wrong! This music is not for the fans of straightforward simple in your face horrorpunk like The Misfits or Blitzkid, this is tougher, rocking horrorpunk made for wrecking with spilled beer all over you and another beer in your fist! “Funnel of Love” is cover by Wanda Jackson and the singer Cecile did a really wonderful job with her strong but melodic voice and she reminded me a bit of Krista Kat from Silver Shine. This is a good album, so support the guys and write them a line or two and buy their album if you are a fan of such music!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Themonsterones777/

Bandcamp: https://themonsterones.bandcamp.com/album/bat-thunder




(record review)NERDLINGER-“Happy Place”(Pee Records)

I mentioned several times how Australia has one of the best punkrock and hardcore scene out there and the bands and releases from there just keep proving it all the time. Nerdlinger are punkrock band from Sydney and this is their debut full length album out on Pee Records and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine.


Since their beginning in 2012.these boys played over 350 shows and you can hear the tight musicianship in their songs. This album contains 14 excellent melodic punk hardcore songs. Nerdlinger plays melodic skatepunk hardcore in the vein of the 90-ies bands like Lagwagon, No Use For A Name and all the other Cali bands from that period that I love and listen to still today. The album varies from the faster ones like excellent “The Ballad of Rod Ligtning” or awesome “Sails” to more slower punkrock anthems like “Underrated” .The lyrics are personal and as I understood they have a great deal of humour and self irony, but the music kept it˙s dramatic melody like only melodic punk can have. I would really love to see and hear these guys play live because I have the feeling this sounds thunder like live. I can already hear the crowd sing along with the band on “Sunny Days”.


The vocals are very important for me in such bands and Scotty and Timothy deliver a fine job with strong main vocal lines and nice done anthemic backing vocals that are also important for me because with the lousy main and backing vocals you could ruin the whole record in my opinion, no matter how great the melodies are written. There are couple of surprises on the album that make the album special like great guest vocals on “Sails”, some trumpets or similar instrument on “Fat Gav”. Nerdlinger will soon embark on their tour in support of the album launch through Australia and their first USA tour, so if you are from that area, be sure to check them out as a must hear!



Nerdlinger on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nerdlinger.punkrock/

Pee Records on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PEERECORDS

Pee Records Bandcamp: https://peerecords.bandcamp.com/

Pee Records Web: https://www.peerecords.com/