(record review)Dead Girls Academy-“Alchemy”(Victory Records)

The story behind Dead Girls Academy is an exceptional one. It is a story about endurance, spite, learning to live again and to cope and it is very inspirational and makes you wanna get out in the morning and shout out to life, being alive and enjoying the music. I listened and reviewed this record for this webzine and it was very emotional for me. The record is out on Victory Records.


Michael Orlando lived in Los Angeles, had a band, toured and lived a rock ´n´roll lifestyle what many young people in his years only could desire. Then, a highway bus accident took his life. He died but lived. Brief death was an experience that marked him.

Three years of endurance, reconstructive surgery went by, with only one dream, to play again. Michael and his best friend Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) formed new band, Dead Girls Academy and made an album. This is it. The album contains 11 songs of darkened melodic punkrock, vampiric punkrock if you want it that way. Growing up in Hollywood, Michael Orlando saw a lot of weird stuff, so there is no lack of inspiration lyricwise. Also, the album is in my opinion one great catharsis and showdown with his inner demons and all it took to endure what he endured. I enjoyed this album so much! From “I´ll find a way” to “I can´t feel a thing” this is so dark but uplifting. The mixture of melody, punkrock energy, gothic darkness and glammy sweat is what makes this album special. I always listen to the whole record when I do a review for this webzine and listening to this record was a unique experience and Michael´s work and this band and music is a continuing inspiration for me and this webzine.


Dead Girls Academy “No Way Out” is from the album, Alchemy, available June 15th. https://www.victorymerch.com/store/de…



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(record review)NOTHING I KNOW-“The cold human heart e.p.”(Indelirium Records)

Nothing I Know are Italian hardcore band that were already featured on the pages of this zine with their awesome new video for the song taken off this brand new e.p. out via Indelirium Records. I listened and reviewed the e.p. for this webzine.


The band has been in existence since 2010.and after one studio album and several lineup changes this e.p. is their second studio effort. This record contains 6 songs. These guys played more metalcore sound in their earlier days and with this new material they went to more hardcore sound though they didn´t lose aggressivity and energy. The music played here would be described as new school hardcore earlier in the 90-ies, meaning the sound played by the bands such as Earth Crisis, Strife, Integrity and similar…I am more of a fan of punkier hardcore sound but this is quality metallic hardcore and I am sure fans of such hardcore style will love this record and enjoy this band. Top songs: “The Cold Human Heart” and “In My Life”.


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