(record review)The LessOffs-“The LessOffs e.p.”(FirstOff Records)

Punkrock scene is like a living being. It makes you discover new great bands and labels on a daily basis, so this time I had a privilege to listen to the debut e.p. of The LessOffs, punkrock band from Riverside, California that came out on FirstOff Records.


The LessOffs play melodic punkrock done with heart and balls. The record contains 5 songs with anthemic choruses, nice melodies just made for singing along and jumping and pogoing at the show. The guys don´t forget a nod to the old influences, so I can hear some Ramones and The Descendents in the song structures. The lyrics are more personal, as I understand the songs, laced with a bit of autoirony and emotion. The vocals are great, and so are backing harmonies with a lot of parts made for you to sing along with. For me, the best songs on the record are “Nothing more” and “The reckoning” being true punkrock anthems. This is not fast stuff, so if you are a fan of the faster, more skatepunk hardcore stuff, you will not find your new favourite band here, but if you are a fan of melodic punkrock done with emotion behind the music and heart and soul, you will spin this record around and around. I know I will.


Follow the band on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lessoffs/

FirstOff Records on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/firstoffrecords/

Bandcamp: https://firstoffrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-lessoffs

Website: https://www.firstoffrecords.com/



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