(record review)Running From Daylight-“Elvis Ain´t Dead Yet”

Running From Daylight are coming from London, Ontario and they play interesting combination of horrorbilly and horrorpunk. I listened and reviewed their recently published new album for my webzine.


The album contains 7 songs of melodic horrorbilly pumping your fist up in the air and howling with joy when you hear the melody and anthem such as “Full Moon Rising” or “Dead Man´s Crossing”. This is nothing new or revolutionary but I loved every single minute of this record. Production wise, the album is awesome, courtesy of Ryan Izzard at The Music Farm and mastered by Rene “D La Muerte” Garcia at Batcave Studios. The musicianship on this record it tight. What amazed me the most about this record is easiness with which the guys jump from punkrock to rockabilly and psychobilly and back again. Great album! Get it and drop a line or two to the guys from the band because I am sure it would mean a lot to them to hear some positive and uplifting words about their hard work!


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