(record review)Fallen Monuments-“Distance and Time”

Fallen Monuments from San Diego, CA released their debut studio album and I had the privilege and I am happy that I listened it and reviewed it for this webzine.


This band was formed on the ashes of some older Californian bands like Decenter or Castoff among others the latter I saw live at Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia in 2016.and they were awesome. You probably guessed it, the guys play melodic punkrock in the vein of many Californian bands but doing it with heart, soul and balls. The album contains 9 songs. What I love in punkrock is, when band has emotions behind their art, behind their music, and this band does. I really love “Old Friend” having a beautiful chorus just made for singing all day long. The songs are not fast, so expect no hardcore punk here, rather mid tempo punkrock with enjoyable melodies, anthemic choruses and great backing vocal harmonies. Some songs that were somehow best for me are: “Conflicted” and “Distance and Time”. This is a great debut album, so check it out and go get it!


Site: http://fallenmonuments.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/fallenmonumentsband

Instagram: http://instagram.com/fallenmonuments

BandCamp: http://fallenmonuments.bandcamp.com