(horror movie review)VICTOR CROWLEY(2017.)

Everyone who reads this webzine, knows my love for horror movies and also knows that I love slasher horror the most of all horror subgenres! It is so hard to find a decent horror slasher nowadays!


Couple of years ago director Adam Green introduced us to the new villain in horror, namely Victor Crowley in his slasher horror Hatchet. This new maniac was brutal, bloodthirsty, and the Hatchet movies, all three of them, were blood n gore tour de force and fun as hell to watch! I was skeptic when this new, fourth installment came out, because almost all new sequels in known horror franchises are utter crap, but I am glad I was wrong! Set ten year after the events in the first movie, a plane crashes in the swamp and some people accidentaly resurrect Victor Crowley and the carnage begins again.

This fourth movie is full blooded slasher for the 21st century and I loved how it was fun, gory, gritty and intentionally over the top in some parts. What pleases me most, I think that there will be more sequels and soon! This one was awesome!