(record review)STRUNG OUT-“Black Out The Sky e.p.”(Fat Wreck Chords)

California punk veterans Strung Out released their new e.p. on Fat Wreck Chords and it is a bit different than the material that we are used to listen by these legends. I listened and reviewed this one for my webzine.


The record contains eight songs, meaning six new songs and two, how should I put it remakes. Why is this record different than the previous releases by this legends? Because this record is a collection of acoustic songs. I don´t think that this is a bad thing, quite the contrary, with this release we are able to hear all the musician skills of Strung Out, the band who influenced so many with their unique blend of technical skatepunk and metal riffs. The songs on this record are in a darker mood, at least I felt like that when I listened. For me somehow the best songs on this record are “Town of Corazon” with a chorus that stayed in my head for days after listening and “Presidio”. I loved how Jason Cruz´s voice sounds better and better with the years. This is different but very fine record.




(record review)EPITAPH ROMANCE-“Eulogy Re-Buried”

Epitaph Romance are coming from El Paso, Texas and they are playing horrorpunk with metal and horrorrock influences and I had the privilege to listen and review their awesome new album for this webzine.


The album contains 13 songs of full-on energy and darkness with great melodies. The opening samples of “Army of bones” take the listener into triple vocal hell, combining hellish catchy guitar melodies with clean melodic vocals, almost death metal growls and screaming and the combination is awesome. I loved the faster songs like “Ghoul of my dreams” which is one of the best songs on the album in my opinion. The real winner and one of the absolute highlights of the album is “Last goodbye” a perfect hybrid mix of death metal and horrorpunk in one hell of a song with anthemic chorus. I listened to that one on repeat a couple of times! Keyboard parts surprised me in the middle of the song but that only added to the overall drama and gloominess. “The night he came home” is a beautiful ode to Michael Myers, one of the greatest horror legendary characters of all times. “London fog” is a classic horrorpunk anthem and it reminds me a lot of German The Other vocally and stylistically with somehow Iron Maiden guitar riffs. In all, this is a really great album and check it out and support the guys!


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