(record review)JADED-“Stvor”

Jaded is hardcore band from Zagreb, Croatia. I once saw them play live here in my hometown at Prostor and they were quite good band. I listened to one album that they did in 2014. and then there was no sign of them for some time.


Now this is their new e.p. and it contains three songs of fast paced anguished hardcore done in an emotional with heart and soul, but also there are nice political underlines in the lyrics of the songs. The lyrics are in Croatian language, they are pretty minimalistic, short but every song hits in the head just right and I think that was how the guys in the band imagined it should be. The music is darkened hardcore, sometimes almost nervous with melodic and sometimes very catchy guitar hooks and the vocals are screamed but also melodic in some parts. This is good hardcore, so go support the guys, get their music, write them something, that they know you listened to their stuff and care for their messages, it means a lot to every one who does music or does something in this scene. Croatian scene is better than ever nowadays.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jadedhc/

Bandcamp: https://jadedhc.bandcamp.com/album/stvor


(new video)Italian hardcore band Nothing I Know just released the new video!

Italian hardcore act Nothing I Know has revealed a new video for the new track “Brothers Turned Into Strangers”, taken from the new EP “The Cold Human Heart” out in May via Indelirium Records.


“The Cold Human Heart” artwork and track listing

1. Brothers Turned Into Strangers
2. Blood Of Tyrants
3. The Violence Of Faith
4. The Cold Human Heart
5. Pariah
6. In My Life