(record review)MIDNIGHT CLIMAX-“S/T”

Wow! To je sve što mogu napisati i reči nakon što sam preslušao više puta prvo studijsko izdanje Midnight Climax, hardcore punk benda čiji članovi dolaze iz različitih gradova, ali bend ima kao sjedište Zagreb.


O ovom bendu je već bilo riječi u ovom webzineu kada sam recenzirao njihov prvi demo kao i radio interview s njima. Gledao sam ovaj bend uživo i mogu samo konstatirati da su uživo još veća hardcore energija nego na albumu. Zaprepastila me uigranost benda kao i odličan glas vokala Heneca. Na albumu se nalazi intro plus osam pjesama totalne hardcore brzine i energije. Album zvuči moćno i nabrijano, što ne čudi pošto je snima i studiu Depth kod Filipa Sertića. Tekstovi pjesama su smisleni, odlični i politički nabrijani i daju dozu bunta, ali sa neke osobne distance i promišljanja, svejedno ostavljajući dosta in your face hardcore udaraca. Tri od ovih osam pjesama sam već čuo na prvom demu, no nema veze, odlično su sjele pošto su sada snimljene kako treba. Na kraju mogu reči da me dugo neki album nije digao kao ovaj na domaćoj hardcore sceni i fali nam ovakvih bendova u doba kada je hardcore evoluirao i više gotovo nitko ne svira jednostavan in your face brzi hardcore punk. Sigurno jedan od kandidata za album godine na domaćoj sceni! Top pjesme: “Spasmic Life”, “Alienation” po mom mišljenju, ali sve su super!


Midnight Climax Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/midnightclimaxhc/

Bandcamp: https://midnightclimax.bandcamp.com/album/s-t



(record review)DEFIANT BROOD-“Season of Decay”

Defiant Brood were already featured on the pages of this webzine. They are hailing from Western MD, USA and playing horrorpunk/deathrock. This is their new full length studio album that I had fortune to listen and review for this zine.


The album contains intro and 13 songs of eerie melody and horror and macabre. After the said intro(“El Maldito”), the title song tells us a story about the withering and dying of nature and rebirth. Sarie´s vocals are more convincing and stronger than before and the song is a real hit. “Mina” is a slower ode to vampiric longing with beautiful chorus. “Mad mouth” is a horrorpunk anthem inspired by in my opinion one of the best horror movies of all time John Carpenter´s “In the mouth of madness” and I could almost hear the screams of Sutter Kane listening to the eerie chorus melody in this song. The punping bass intro to “Silver bullet” announces my favorite Stephen King movie and novel but the music and lyrics are talking to me from the werewolf´s point of view of anguish and despair of the man beast. The best song on the record for me is “Night air” with memorable guitar melody and anthemic chorus making it a horrorpunk song to remember and show it to the kids as an example. Elisabeth Bathory was a Hungarian countess that used to bathe in virgin´s blood to stay young and she is the theme of “Bloodbath”, another highlight of this album with ooo sing a long parts and super melodiy and energy in the song structure. “Natural born” as I understood it is in fact a love song about two killer ghouls against the world. What can I say, I am a real dark romantic indeed! “The urge” is the fastest song on the record and one of top three best songs on the record, I loved the evil energy crawling between the melody and cutting sharp guitar riffs. Excellent song! “Wildcat hollow” is a ghoulish ode to immortality and staying where you died not being able to move on. The song chorus about the house tormenting the soul made goosebumps on my hand with the melody. “Ode to aliens” is a fast anthem whose title speaks it all for the song. “Nightmare” is a song from the serial killer/psychopath point of view. “Drink you dry” and “The watcher” close this album in a perfect way. This is an awesome album, so go get it!


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Get the album: https://defiantbrood.bandcamp.com/album/season-of-decay

(record review)URSKOG-“Evig Vinter”(Ididit)

From the northern Swedish marshes comes Urskog, and this is their new release and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine.


This band was started in 2013.as the brainchild of one Anders Persson who is the creator of all music. The record contains two songs. The music of Urskog is some sort of hybrid patchwork of melodic death metal, thrash metal and sludge. This is dark stuff but also a lot of catchy melodies in the guitar structures of the songs give some hope to the listener that things are not all that darkened. The lyrics to the both songs are in English, so I can´t understand what is being sung but the infosheet says that the lyrics deal with man corrupting nature and how the nature will take it´s revenge one day upon humanity. This is a decent release and I am sorry that this is a one man band, because I would love to hear this material being played live.


Links: https://www.facebook.com/Urskog77/



(news)Cultist ‘Chants of Sublimation’ to be released in June via Morbid Chapel Records and Nigredo Records-sneak peak here!

Featuring members of Dauden, Fides Inversa, Deathrow, Urarv, Darvaza, the debut EP is coming to be released in June 2018 by both Morbid Chapel Records from Poland & Nigredo Records from Sweden. Melodic old-school Black Metal deeply rooted in the early ’90s.
Order your copy here:
Sneak peak what can you expect on the record here:

(record review)GRAVE ROBBER-“Escaping the grave”(Rottweiler Records)

Finally! The new Grave Robber album is out via Rottweiler Records! I am a long time fan of this band, and I am really happy that I was able to review this one for my webzine.


This album is horrorpunk pure with some shock rock and a bit more hardcore punk influences. I love the energy and speed of the faster songs with hardcore vibe transforming into nice melodies and anthemic choruses just made for singing at the gigs from the top of your lungs. Vocalist Wretched sounds better than ever and the musicianship of the band as a whole is so tight that I weep the bloody tears listening to the album. Some of the album hightlights for me are “The Evil Dead”, the best “Lips of Blood” with beautiful melody and more aggressive “The Swarm”. The special anthem in my opinion and the absolute the best song of the album is mighty “The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave”. This is an awesome album, a true horrorpunk lesson.


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Rottweiler Records: https://www.facebook.com/RottweilerRecords/



(record review)NIHIL EYES-“Black Path”(Ultraje)

UK´s death metallers Nihil Eyes released their debut full length via Portuguese Ultraje and I listened to the record and reviewed it for this webzine.


The record contains 8 songs of death metal done in UK style meaning there are blast beats but proving that the speed is not the only given quality factor in death metal. Most of the songs are mid tempo, not Obituary tortoise style mid tempo, but a bit more aggressive and faster but remaining powerful like blows pounding to your face. Out of nowhere suddenly a melodic guitar solo arrives and spices up the song structure. If I must compare the music of Nihil Eyes with someone, it would be a mixture of Bolt Thrower and Carcass circa “Heartwork” era because of anthemic melodies. This record sounds cold and at the same time emotional and that is the thing that makes this record great. Check it out and send some good feedback to the guys, I know it would mean a lot to them!


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Bandcamp: https://nihileyes.bandcamp.com/

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(record review)DYECREST-“Are you not entertained?”(Inverse Records)

Dyecrest returned after hiatus in 2013.and I am glad we have them back on the scene, because this new studio album is out now on Inverse Records and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine.


The Finns had their ups and downs since their start in 2001. After Sanctuary dropped them from the label and a lot of blood, sweat, tears and hard work the guys recorded this album but then they parted ways with their original vocalist. Bjorn Speed Strid known from his work in Soilwork helped and recorded vocals as a guest to help Dyecrest on this album. Luckily, the guys found permanent new vocalist Mikael who fits in the band perfectly, so they finally rerecorded and remastered some songs and the album came out. It contains 13 songs of excellent melodic modern metal with some thrash and melodic death metal influences. The vocals on the album are very melodic, almost power/heavy metal and I loved the vocal melody lines. The song structures have so many melodic guitar hooks and anthemic choruses just made for singalong and I caught myself humming to many tunes from this album long after I finished listening. For me the absolute highlights of this album are “No Fear”, “First Born Angel” and magical “Nuku Vaan” sung in Finnish with guest vocals by Elisa De Boer. Legendary Piet Sielck also contributed on this album as guest vocals. If you are a fan of melodic and modern metal, this album is just made for you!


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Inverse Records: https://www.facebook.com/inverserecords/