(record review)Ode in Black-“Seeds of Chaos”

The beauty and variety made Finnish underground scene one of the best European scenes. Ode in Black are part of that scene. After releasing their first ep in 2014.they toured a lot before they embarked upon a mission to release their debut album


2018.saw the coming of “Seeds of Chaos” and it consists of eleven tracks of melodic gothic metal/dark rock not unlike the early releases of their countrymen To/Die/For. The guitar structures and riffs are sharp enough to be metal, but all is packed in very dancable gothic rythms, and I can imagine their songs being played in some dark, smokey gothic club and bunch of goths dancing to these tunes. I loved the interaction between male and female vocals in “The sea in which we drown”. The album as a whole is very upbeat and melodic, but what I love about all Finnish bands, whether black metal, gothic, metal or death metal is a sense of quiet despair and melancholy that revolves as silent mist through the songs on their albums. Ode in Black is no exception to that rule. They just took the dark humour and metal of Sentenced and gothic sensibility of To/Die/For and 69 Eyes and packed it in one excellent package! Top songs: “The lone wolf”, “Burn  the candle from both ends”.





About vladkraykulla

Active member of alternative underground scene and culture since early 1990-ies, always thinking and searching how to make the world we live in a better place. Hardcore is a way of life! Dont forget the struggle, dont forget the streets!
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