Los Angeles, CA’s No Legacy Records formally announces their debut full-length ‘No Legacy Vol. 1: Socal/Norcal‘ is available strictly on vinyl pressing.  Featuring nine of California’s modern heavy music acts that span the full genre spectrum of ‘heavy’, including IronautDisastroidMadrostAstral CultVoid Vator, and others.  There are ‘no legacy’ acts on the compilation, as the label was created to specifically highlight professional up & coming bands not already in popular awareness.


  • Label Name: No Legacy Records
  • Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Genres/Styles: Heavy Metal, Thrash/Speed Metal, Doom, Heavy Rock
  • Album Title: No Legacy Vol. 1: Socal/Norcal
  • Official Release: October 2017 (vinyl only)
  • Website:  http://www.nolegacyrecords.bigcartel.com/

California is long-known for its contributions to the heavy metal music world. Be it bands, venues, and for many eras – record labels. With the digital stream eruptions, physical music sales plummeted and many major labels focused only on their ‘legacy’ artists, or outright folded.  This gave smaller, independent labels room to grow and their underground artists found that same sunlight. Recent years sprouted a resurgence of physical format music on CD, Vinyl, and even cassettes. Yet, major labels still tote primarily ‘legacy’ artists, with reissue after reissue of legendary artist releases in every color vinyl in the rainbow.

However, music lovers still attend live music shows, searching for new heavy music that doesn’t carry that hefty legacy price tag.  No Legacy Records was launched for this specific purpose. Erik Kluiber, label founder and executive producer of the compilation, knows his way around the California heavy metal scene. Erik is a long time heavy music artist, currently a member of both Void Vater (guitar) and Ironaut (bass and vocals), as well as former guitarist for Gypsyhawk and White Wizzard.

According to Kluiber,
“The title is called No Legacy, because this album features exclusively contemporary up-and-coming bands in the underground California heavy music scene. From my perspective, the heavy metal movement has shifted over to an unhealthy focus predominantly fixated on established legacy acts. Metal has become all about the brands, instead of the bands.”

“I met all of the bands included on ‘No Legacy’ by sharing the stage with them at club shows across California.  I hear and see hundreds of bands every year and the good ones stand out.  In 2017, I had this idea of the compilation album in my head. I approached bands that made an impression the night I played with them and asked them if this idea of a compilation album was something they would be interested in participating in. I was surprised on the immediate positive feedback. They reminisced about albums like ‘Metal Massacre’ from decades ago and understood the fan crossover potential.”


Compilation of Artists – Information:

1. Ironaut – Los Angeles, CA (Facebook)
2. Disastroid – San Francisco, CA (Facebook)
3. Madrost – Lake Forest, CA (Facebook)
4. Astral Cult – Folsom, CA (Facebook)
5. Void Vator – Los Angeles, CA (Facebook)
6. Aboleth – Los Angeles, CA (Facebook)
7. Grand Lord High Master – Apple Valley, CA (Facebook)
8. Hazzard’s Cure – San Francisco, CA (Facebook)
9. Tzimani – San Diego, CA (Facebook)

No Legacy Volume 1: Socal/Norcal” Track List: 
Side 1
A1. Ironaut – ‘Sick Stupid Lies’ – (stream)
A2. Disastroid – ‘New Day’ – (video below)
A3. Madrost – ‘Scorned’ – (stream)
A4. Astral Cult – ‘Drowning’ – (stream)

Side 2
B1. Void Vator – ‘No Return’ – (video below)
B2. Aboleth – ‘No Good’ – (stream)
B3. Grand Lord High Master – ‘Sludge’ – (stream)
B4. Hazzard’s Cure – ‘Starvation’ – (stream)
B5. Tzimani – ‘Final Hour’ – (stream)




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