(record review)THE ROCKET DOGZ-“Bad Blood”(Doghouse Recordz)

I first heard this band when they played at Trash N Burn couple of years ago. I liked them very much after their set there and I was very happy when this new record arrived.


The Rocket Dogz come from Prague, Czech Republic. They play psychobilly with punkrock, horrorpunk and rockabilly influences. The trio sounds very tight, very powerful and they are certainly one of the strongest European acts in that scene nowadays. They played gigs throughout the years that made them very loved and respected in the scene. The album contains 13 tracks with lyrics in English of course and I loved the energy and melody on this album. Everything in the song structures is just perfect, melodies, riffs, vocal lines, voice, backing vocals and of course, the lyrics. You can´t go wrong with songs like “Cemetery Walls” or “Slaves of the Darkness” or “Blood Moon Rising”. This is an excellent album that not only psychos will like, but also punkrockers will enjoy these blood soaked tracks.


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(record review)THE BENNIES-“Natural Born Chillers”

Australian scene never ceases to amaze me and THE BENNIES from Melbourne are one more band I discovered and fell in love with immediately.


This is their new album and I had a privilege to listen to it and review it for this webzine. The album contains 8 songs of party music. Meaning melodic punk with anthem choruses for singalong, garnished with a lot of reggae parts and a lot of harmony on vocals and although it still snows a bit here when I write this review, I already feel the Sun warming  on my face and making me happy and making all the troubles far and bringing smile back to my face. The absolute highlights on this album are “Dreamkillers”, “Apathetic Revolution” and the title track. The clever use of psychodelic miniatures, reggae and melodies make this record a keeper! Nice one!


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(news)Spill Your Guts released new video, watch it here!


Shanghai based punk black n rollers Spill Your Guts released new video filmed while on tour across Russia. Featuring the trans-siberian railway experience, vodka, riot police, underground bedroom wrestling, insane mosh pits, Russian bath houses and blast beats!









(news)Novosadski punkeri TU IMA ZVUKA objavili novi spot i single!

Novosadski punk rock bend Tu ima zvuka objavio je spot za pesmu “Filadendroni” kojim najavljuju svoj drugi EP, “Mašine treba da rade, a ljudi da misle”. Ovaj EP će biti objavljen u formi CD-a u petak, 13.travnja, kada će biti održana i koncertna promocija ovog izdanja u Novom Sadu.


Tu ima zvuka je sa radom počeo krajem 2014. godine i u prvoj postavi je na jesen naredne godine snimljen EP “Svaki takav dan” i održano nekoliko koncerata, među kojima su i oni sa bendovima čiji rad je direktno imao utjecaja na zvuk benda. Tokom  2016. dolazi do bitnih promjena u postavi benda i tada je započet rad na pjesmama koje će se naći na predstojećem EP-ju. “Mašine treba da rade, a ljudi da misle” će sadržati pet pjesama koje su pisane od jeseni 2016. do proljeća 2017, snimane krajem prošle godine u Socijala Studios na Pejićevim salašima nadomak Novog Sada, a u ulozi producenta našao se Pedericco Rashiid.




(record review)AIMLESS AGAIN-“2020 Future Punks”

Aimless Again is a Punk Rock group from Port Jefferson Station NY Formed in 2007.This is their new album and it was time for me to review it for this zine.


The album is made of 8 songs plus intro, interlude and outro. Aimless Again play loud, melodic and gnarley punkrock like it was meant to be on the hot streets and hotter nights. You cant but pogo listening to “Shredder” or “Rejuvenate”. Personally, I like my punkrock to be more faster, upbeat and more hardcore than punkrock. In my humble opinion, the songs on this record are a bit too slow for my taste. For me the best song on this record is for sure “Turn & Run” being a true punkrock anthem for the live gigs. As I understand, these guys are unsigned, so labels, if you read this review, please sign these guys so they can further provide us with some quality punkrock.


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Bandcamp: https://aimlessagain.bandcamp.com/


(movie time)DR PHIBES RISES AGAIN(1972.)-Eternal love with Vincent Price


I love horror culture and horror movies and one of my favourite actors and eternal inspiration is the late, great Vincent Price. I saw almost every movie he starred in and I am gladly returning to many of his works. This time I watched the classic sequel to Abominable Dr Phibes about mad and scarred doctor Anton Phibes(Vincent Price) who was left scarred monster after the horrrible accident in which his beloved wife Victoria perished. In the first movie, Phibes tried to exact revenge upon the ones whom he thought responsible for Victoria´s death. Assisted by his faithful aide Vulnavia, he managed to kill his opponents in many ingenious traps.

In this sequel, Phibes searches eternal life in Egiptian ancient pyramid and scripts to bring back Victoria to life. Police searches for him and he lays his traps again ready to fight until the bitter end.

This sequel is in many ways inferior in storyline to the first movie, but it is still a pleasure to see Vincent Price as Dr Phibes. In both movies Price doesn´t talk at all, he only acts with his face gestures and you can see all of his emotions, pain, anger, madness in his eyes and lips and gestures. His voice is only a recording. There are those creepy scenes again with Dr Phibes´s clockwork wizards, meaning his clockwork band. There are some illogical parts of the movie, the other actress starring as Vulnavia compared to the first movie and is Vulnavia also robot? Is she human at all? I think that Saw franchise, especially the first two movies found a lot inspiration in Dr Phibes movies, especially the first movie, considering death traps. In comparison to Saw movies, these two are almost child movies. One more thing that I must also mention is excellent and somewhat bizarre soundtrack in Dr Phibes movies and poetic and beautiful ending in both movies, telling us that love never dies and with strange aeons even death may die.


(record review)BAMBOO VIPERS-“E.P.”

Bamboo Vipers are coming from South Central England, UK. I somehow got my punk paws on their e.p. and boy am I glad that this came to my ears and this zine.

Vipers EP

This band is comprised of the scene veterans with a lot of years on the punk scene and you can hear it the first second you hear this e.p. Bamboo Vipers play excellent mix of old school punkrock with oi and streetpunk influences. When I heard “Collective Amnesia” besides excellent musicianship, what came to my attention were the vocals. The singer sounds a bit like Cock Sparrer but I love that kind of melodic but rough vocals this band uses. Another highlight of the record is for sure “Silver Boots”, great song. Producion wise, this e.p. is massive punkrock wall of sound, awesome. “Transient” and “Utopia” are also two great punkrock anthems and I would really love to see and hear this punkers play their stuff live.


Check out the video for the awesome song:

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