(record review)KRANG-“Singalong”(Bird Attack Records/Melodic Punk Style)

Krang are melodic hardcore punk band from Czech Republic and now is the time to review their awesome new album, so lets see whats this one all about.


The band was formed in 2014.and this is their second full length album that came out on Bird Attack Records and Melodic Punk Style. The album contains 10 awesome tracks of melodic hardcore skatepunk plus one cover of The Beatles. The lyrics are in English language and they cross various themes like violent dancing at gigs, killing for politics, slave workers, over some more lighter and funnier themes. I really loved to listen this album. Why? Because it deals with melodic hardcore punk like it was played in the 90-ies. Straightforward, in your face, energetic and melodic. The vocals are great, not cheesy but rough, and at the same time nice melodic singing. For me, the backing vocals are important part of bands and records like these, these guys deliver excellent harmonies which adds drama to the music. One more plus is engaged lyrics and Krang really deliver the message within their music and I loved every bit of it. This is for sure one of the candidates for album of the month. Top songs:”Life is like a Mortal Kombat”, “King of a dance floor”, “Fuck fast fashion”.


Follow on FB: https://www.facebook.com/krangpunx/

Get the album: https://krangpunkrock.bandcamp.com/album/singalong-2



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