(record review)THE DREADNOUGHTS-“Foreign Skies”

The Dreadnoughts are hailing from Vancouver, Canada and they are known as being the drunkest and baddest celtic folk punk there. That was enough for me to read and I knew that I had to check out their record. So, I listened to it and here is the review!

2017 - Foreign Skies

The album contains 12 songs and the whole album is dedicated to those who survived the World War 1  and to those who unfortunately did not make it. But, also you can say that the songs show lyrically and musically the whole absurdity, horror and sorrow of war. After atmospheric opener “Up High”, the title track brings us the faster and melodic track made for moshing, pogo and hugging the sweaty kid next to you in the pit in front of the stage. The vocals are harsher but sung and they fit perfectly in the song structures. Musically, the band adds nothing new not heard before but still they offer some interesting changes in the songs that you dont expect like twists in a good movie. I still havent seen them play live but I could swear that this band is one hell of a fun live experience especially with some beers or wine in your system adding fuel to the fire. Top songs:”Foreign Skies”, “A Broken World”, “Black Letters”.


Follow The Dreadnoughts on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedreadnoughts/

Get the album: https://thedreadnoughts.bandcamp.com/album/foreign-skies




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Active member of alternative underground scene and culture since early 1990-ies, always thinking and searching how to make the world we live in a better place. Hardcore is a way of life! Dont forget the struggle, dont forget the streets!
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