(new video)IGNEA Releases a Live Experience Video for a Peace-Carrying Song ‘Seytanu Akbar’


Ukrainian metal band IGNEA has released a new official video for the song ‘Seytanu Akbar’. The aim of this video is to reflect the atmosphere usually present at the IGNEA shows. It has been recorded at The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2017, the annual awards for the top Ukrainian metal bands where IGNEA has entered the top 3 bands.

‘Seytanu Akbar’ is the song opening IGNEA’s LP The Sign of Faith. Despite provocative title of the song, the band’s intention is to carry the idea of peace. According to the band’s words: “What we want to say is that there is no reasonable cause to kill other people, be it regime, faith or moral principles. We mainly speak about islamic terrorism in this song, as one of the social plagues of 21st century, taking lots of innocent lives. However, this applies to every human on Earth, regardless of their religion.”

IGNEA mixes melodic metal with symphonic and oriental vibes. So far, the band has released 1 EP, 2 singles, and 1 LP, has gained nearly 4 million views and 26,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 18,000 followers on Facebook, and over 17,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. IGNEA has performed at the top Ukrainian festivals and has opened the show for Orphaned Land in Kiev, UA.

Recently, IGNEA has also joined the roster of The Flaming Arts Agency that includes such famous bands as Behemoth, Venom, Bethlehem, Hate, Keep of Kalessin, Igorrr, Aeternam, and many others.

Currently, the band is about to record new singles and shoot a video. In May, the band is heading off to Europe for an EU tour (TBA) as well as to the RockMetalCampFest (France).

Links and contact information to IGNEA:
Website: http://ignea.band/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ignea.band/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/igneaband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ignea_band
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ignea.band/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/igneaband


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Active member of alternative underground scene and culture since early 1990-ies, always thinking and searching how to make the world we live in a better place. Hardcore is a way of life! Dont forget the struggle, dont forget the streets!
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