(record review)VERIKALPA-“Taistelutahto”(Inverse Records)

Coming from Oulu, city in the north of Finland, Verikalpa is an experienced band composed of six musicians who have delivered their music through bands such as Catamenia and Quake The Earth and now they delivered a strong debut album called “Taistelutahto”.


Verikalpa plays humpa beer drinking and swilling troll folk metal with lots of energy and above all epic melodies. The album contains 10 songs in Finnish language and the band says that it is in Oulu accent of Finnish language so I dont understand absolutely nothing. The promo sheet says that the lyrics are about usual themes for such bands like drinking, being hungover, fighting eternal battles and stuff…I shall let the music speak for itself then. I enjoyed this album although many would say that, I dont think that this is another Korpiklaani or Finntroll clone here. Verikalpa have some special energy and madness in their songs that make you wanna smash something and then drink something, not necessary in that order. The melodies are epic, the guitar and keyboard parts in awesome interplay and the songs are structured so they are not boring and too repetitive or too long. One of the songs that I love is “Tyrmä” with a really epic chorus that makes me long for going to the woods and eat some humans with my troll brothers who live there. Who knows, maybe I would get eaten in the end!? It doesnt matter, this is an epic album and I am happy I listened to it. Get it!


Follow Verikalpa: https://www.facebook.com/Verikalpa/

Follow Inverse Records and order some good music: https://www.facebook.com/inverserecords/




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