(record review)THE OTHER-“Casket Case”(Drakkar)

When I was getting into horrorpunk I have only listened to The Misfits before I found out the whole new and beautiful scene existing in the underground. Horrorpunk scene has some of the nicest people I have ever met besides having awesome bands and I can safely say that horrorpunk scene still is not corrupted by mainstream as some other aspects of the underground scene. As my nights grew longer I discovered some of the bands that became my favorite in the scene, like Blitzkid, The Crimson Ghosts, Balzac and of course The Other.

2017 - Casket Case

The Other is a German horrorpunk band hailing from Cologne and if I counted well, this is their seventh full length album. The album contains 16 songs of beautiful and dark melodic horrorpunk with some goth and metal influences. There are also some beautiful guest lady vocals on “Little Black Riding Hood”, nicely fitting in with Rod Ushers main vocal lines. As is the case on last few albums there is also one song in German language, the excellent “Morgen Ohne Grauen”. The song structures are hard, melodic and melodramatic as only horrorpunks and Germans can do hehe. I could describe the songs hear sixteen times, but it is up to you to listen to the whole album and check out the beauy and maybe horrorpunk will gain another creature of the night, being you. This album has it all, punk melody, hardcore agressiveness and goth sensibility packed in beautiful music. Top songs;”A Party At Crystal Lake”, “A Heart Is Mysterious”, “Shes A Ghost”.


Visit The Other https://www.facebook.com/theotherhorr…





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