(record review)THE WITCH WILL DIE TOMORROW-“Man Who Never Cares”

The Witch Will Die Tomorrow just released their second full length album.

The Witch Will Die Tomorrow - Man Who Never Cares - cover

The band comes from Chelyabinsk area in Russia and are playing an unusual combination of post punk, goth rock mixed with some horrorpunk influences.

I dont like any post this, post that description in their music, so I could go describing their music as being combination of gothic and horrorpunk. There are some vocal lines and song structures that reminded me of Type O Negative in “Dead Art Thou”. Slow, ritualistic riffs that turn into more aggressive song mesmerized me in “Beetlejuices Revenge”. Some songs made me sad wishing only the comfort in darkness like “Paramour”.

The 8 songs on this album musically and lyrically speak of desolation, despair, fighting the inner demons and all other beautiful themes that made us love horrorpunk and darker side of music. The band put all their stuff for free on Bandcamp but you can donate and show them your support, or you can only share their music so the band see that you appreciate their effort. Nice album.