(record review)ALLOUT HELTER-“The Notion of Control”(Bird Attack Records)

Allout Helter come from Denver and this is their new album, second full length and first one done for awesome Bird Attack Records.


The album contains 12 tracks of great melodic hardcore punk done with balls and emotion. The album is produced by Trevor Reilly(A Wilhelm Scream).

What I like about this band is that they are really tight with their instruments and there is a lot of metalic influence and riffs in the song structures. The vocals kinda remind me of A Wilhelm Scream and Authority Zero, meaning the singer shouts but also does great melodic lines and this album is so fast paced that the music is one great melodic energetic bomb!

For me the highlights of the album are “Andromeda IV” having great melodic lines in the chorus that made me wish I wrote them, and also “Anthropocene”but all of the songs are excellent and it is really hard to pick some highlights, but of course, everyone will have their favorites, depending on taste. This is an awesome album!