(record review)WOLFMEN OF MARS-Dont Let It In

Wolfmen of Mars are hailing from Boston and this is their new record.


For those of you who dont know them and have never heard of them, they play instrumental music which combines 70-s and 80-s sf atmosphere with horror and some rock and surf influences.

Usually I really dont like instrumental bands a priori, but there are some exceptions and this is one of them. This album contains 8 songs that could easily be soundtrack to walk in the Autumn woods, flying in a spaceship and killing someone. The top tracks for me are certainly “Della Strega” which reminds me a lot on Carpenter movie themes or Italian giallo Argento and Bava movies. The other definitely outstanding highlight of this album is “At the Barn”. Wolfmen of Mars really have a lot of  music out on their Bandcamp page, so check it out if you love such music.