(book review)ROGER MIRET with JOE WIEDERHORN-“My Riot:Agnostic Front, Grit, Guts&Glory”

I was at Punk Rock Holiday Festival this year in August when I found out that this book will be coming out soon and I immediately knew that I have to read it.


Agnostic Front is a New York Hardcore band that influenced so many people in the scene and I still vividly remember that I saw their show twice in the last year and a half and they will always remain in memory being in top five shows that I saw. Roger Miret is the singer for Agnostic Front and hardcore legend and this book is his life story. The book is written with the help provided by Joe Wiederhorn and you can read it as one of the most intense thriller dramas that you ever read. You can almost imagine the movie made based on this book, but modern Holywood would only ruin it. The book gives us insight in Mirets early childhood and moving from Cuba to USA, living on the streets and in the squats of Lower East Side New York.

Of course, all of the Agnostic Front history is in this book, from the early United Blood days until nowadays and the book gives insight on many NYHC icons and the facts that I never knew before. Also, Miret gives us a picture of his personal life, relationships and his kids, the family that helped him make it through the darkest times in his life.

What really astonished me is the level of violence that was normal back in those days at the shows and in front of the clubs and I am really glad that I was not part of the scene engrossed in violence. After reading this book, I can say with certainty that Agnostic Front is one of the rare bands in the hardcore scene that really lived through what they sing in their lyrics.

This book is one of the best books I have read this year.