(record review)THE ELECTRIC DEAD-“The Electric Dead”

Canadian trio The Electric Dead finally released their long awaited debut album.


The Electric Dead play a mixture of horrorpunk, doom metal with some rock and blues influences and their music sounds pretty dirty and greasy. The album contains 9 epic songs with horror lyrics and when I listened to this album it sounded like walking through a dark swamp, dampy and scary with some creature following me persistently from darkness.

There are some interesting solutions in song structures and even some keyboard background like “Lucifers Blues”. Some songs reminded me of Danzig like the slower one “Devil in a Dress”. Incredible, but the song “The Mark I Bear” vocally reminded me on James Hetfield. Maybe its just me. My personal favourite on the record is “Me And The Devil”. The songs are mainly uptempo with that sweaty guitar energy holding the reins on you from the beginning until the very end of the album. This is great stuff if you love your horror greasy and doomy.