(record review)COFFIN CAROUSEL-“Between Death&Dead”(Eclipse Records)

Coffin Carousel are coming from Australia, Melbourne. The Australian scene is great, with so many punk, hardcore and metal bands coming out nowadays.


This record came out on Eclipse Records and it contains 17 songs of dark and emotional music. Coffin Carousel play a mixture of doom metal and goth rock(more) with horrorpunk and hardcore influences(less). Lyrically they deal with some personal demons and the lyrics are very deep and not your conventional generic horror stuff, not that it is something wrong with that. While listening to this record you can actually feel the sun setting down or darkening in the sky. There is one little thing that bothered me on this record and that is the vocal lines and melodies, I think the singing could be a little bolder and with more emotions behind it on some songs, and I am sure that the singer can do it because he has an awesome voice. But, thats only me. Maybe they just wanted it this way. What I personally loved the most on this record is the feeling of coldness and nothingness in this music and the atmosphere that they managed to get on this record makes it worth listening.