(record review)Radioactive Chicken Heads-“Tales From The Coop”

Now, this is one of the more original bands in the scene. Coming from California, these are Radioactive Chicken Heads and this is their new album “Tales From The Coop”.


The album contains 13 hilarious songs of horrorpunk mixed with some rock and surf influences and old school horror movie vibe.

Now, lyrically the album deals with tales from the coop. Done in a parody way, but I am not sure if it was meant to be parody. You cant go wrong with song titles like “Wiccan Chicken” with great female vocal melodies or “Frankenchicken” or an excellent cover of “Somebodys Watching Me” by Rockwell and Michael Jackson. I really enjoyed the song structures varying from almost cabaret singing and melodies to more punkish stuff. I am usually very careful considering the bands that are original an unique but this one is definitely something new, fresh and different. I would like to see and listen to this band live because I am sure that their live show would be awesome. I really enjoyed this record.





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