(record review)ANTI FLAG-“American Fall”(Spinefarm Records)


I saw Anti Flag play live for the first time in my life this year at Punk Rock Holiday festival in Slovenia. It was an awesome experience and I still get goosebumps when I remember their set because they were totally the winner that day and one of the festival definitive highlights.

The fans of the band including me were eager to listen how this new album will sound like and it did not disappoint me. After the last one, “American Spring” comes “American Fall” and it is an awesome package of 11 songs. The music is as before melodic punk with some hardcore influences and ultra political lyrics dealing with racism, homophobia, current situation in America and the world which more and more becomes the slave playground for the rich and poorer get poor, so the world is just the baloon waiting to blow up and what will become of it, nobody knows.

As always, there are tracks that are for us who listen highlights and for me “Racists” and “The Criminals” are total standout tracks on this record and I hope that the band will include it in their live set because I am sure it will be fantastic live. This is an awesome album so check it out!