(double record review)CREEPY LITTLE THINGS-“Forever More e.p./Halloween Special 45”

Creepy Little Things was formed in 2016. The band is headed by Scotty Damned, as he says, as a kind of outlet for his tortured soul. Creepy Little Things play a nice mixture of horrorpunk, goth and rock with some metal thrown in here and there.


This time I will review two records by Creepy Little Things because they came out relatively at almost same time with only ten days between. “Forever More” e.p. consists of 4 songs filled with darkness, sorrow, melody and night. The first two tracks “Already Gone” and “Anything But You” are dark gothic punk anthems with nicely sung vocals and lyrics dealing with some personal demons and lycanthropy. “Ghost” is a song which brings creepiness with its piano lines and ghostly vocals and for me is a highlight of the record. “The End Of Me Begins With You” is a beautiful dark love song. I must say that this record is not for the lovers of upbeat Misfits like horrorpunk because this is a darker and much more creepy music. There are no hits and anthems on this record but it is nice to listen to it in darkness.




“Halloween Special 45” is a brand new output that came out, you guessed it on Halloween.


It consists of three songs. First one “Locked in a Box” is a way more guitar oriented and more rockish while some goth influences remained on the record. “Every Day and Night(With Her is Like Halloween)” is for me the best song on this record and it is an ode to feminine nocturnal Goddess which I fortunately already found in my life. “Lick Your Soul” is a bonus track and I loved the upbeat souleating song so I listened it on repeat a couple of times. I am looking forward to the future material by Creepy Little Things. 7/10