(record review)BROTHERS CREEPER-“Vicious, Vile and Viral”

American band Brothers Creeper released a new ep on Halloween. This band plays horrorpunk but it is not your usual horrorpunk with Misfits styled whoaas and heys but something different and also good.


The ep consists of 6 songs and they all differ from one another. On the opening track “Kids Next Gore” the lyrics and music are son angry that they almost border with some rock n roll hardcore punk. Lyrically, there is a lot of sarcasm and parody mingled with horror themes, like in my personal favourite of the record called “Hot Topic”, which touches the clothes and uniformity of the scene. The band also shows some doo wop and reggae influences in “The Upside Down”.

There are many of horrorpunk fans that wont be able to love this music on the first hearing because it is not so catchy and needs some listening and understanding. I loved this stuff.





Star Wars and melodic punkrock collide in Spring Moods new video

Spring Moods is a melodic punkrock band that comes from Forli, Italy. They recently released their first album “Sad Love Story” which you can check out here: https://springmoods.bandcamp.com/

In their new video, they combine Star Wars and melodic punkrock, which is awesome, so check it out here:

Enjoy their music and stay tuned for an album review coming soon in this zine!