For us real horror fans, Halloween is every day, so I watch horror movies when I get the time. So, here are some of the movies I have seen lately.

First there is one horror anthology from the end of 80-ies, called AFTER MIDNIGHT.


I love to see a good horror anthology, made of many segments, like for example V/H/S or ABCs Of Death, although I prefer the older movies if possible coming from the golden age of horror, which was for me 1980-s. In such movies there is always a main line which connects all the other segments. This movie main story line consists of one psychotic college professor which calls a couple of students to his mansion to tell each other some scary stories. They tell the segments to each other and some stories are better, some are not so great, but in all, the movie was fun to see. Kinda average, nothing special, but fun.

Moving on to something completely different and better. Some of you who know me can tell that I am an avid fan of old Hammer Horror movies. This little gem connects history facts and gruesome horror story into one movie. Yes, you guessed it, this is COUNTESS DRACULA.


This movie is based on life and crimes of Hungarian countess Elisabeth Bathory, the legend tells she and her men killed a lot of young girls so she could bath in their blood to rejuvenate herself. This movie has a tense story, great cast, including legendary Ingrid Pitt in the main role. You may remember her lending her voice to the excellent Cradle Of Filth album Cruelty and the Beast based on the same story. What I love about Hammer Horror movies is that they are not so gory, they dont have great special cgi effects but they have heart and soul and atmosphere and this still matters most to me in our beloved horror genre.

On Halloween I treated myself with cinema, and what better to watch then IT. It is an adaptation of Stephen King book which I read twice and I am a great fan of that book.


Many of us still remember the tv series from the 1990s based on the same novel and immortal Tim Curry as evil clown Pennywise who eats children in the town of Derry and a couple of kids who tried to fight the ancient evil. Well this immortal story lived to see its reboot/remake and I can tell you that the remake is excellent. First, I was sceptic since generally remakes ruin what was good in the original. I am happy I was wrong this time. The atmosphere of the movie is superb, soundtrack too, the actors are great and first Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise got on my nerves, but later on I love how he brought something psychotic, evil and new to the character. Two hours passed by me fast as hell and I cant wait for the sequel. The movie is divided into two chapters, one chapter showing main characters as kids, and chapter two happening when they are grown ups and It has returned to Derry.