(record review)SENTENCE-“Svaka riječ zakletva”

Sentence - Svaka Riječ Zakletva - cover

Sentence is hardcore punk band from Zagreb, Croatia. The band members are kinda veterans of Croatian hardcore scene, being in bands, doing zines and organizing gigs on the scene for many years. This is their new e.p. consisting of five songs with lyrics written in English language. The music is aggressive hardcore punk more of a old school style, 90-s mosh parts combined with fast drumming, just made in heaven for slaming and pogo in the pit. The vocals are screamed with gang singalong backing vocals and I can say with safety that for me personally, this new e.p. is the best release by this band so far. Check it out on their Bandcamp page and also check them out live because they are awesome.


Sentence – hardcore punk band from Zagreb, Croatia