Last year I watched season 1 of tv series called Channel Zero, which was quite good considering that it was done by SyFy Channel which usually puts out a lot of crap.


This year, season two was just released and boy it was a good one. First of all, I must clear one thing. You can watch season one or season two separately, meaning they are two separate stories and they are not linked with one another whatsoever. This second season is called No End House based on an urban legend of a house which appears in various parts of the world and has six rooms one scarier than the other, made to make those who visit the house crazy. As it usual is, a group of troubled teenagers with issues enters the house and steps in the crazy limbo of reality and fantasy. The acting is the average for SyFy Channel releases, meaning nothing special, but the screenplay is actually good, having a lot of bizarre and scary scenes. This season is six episode long, so you can watch it in one night.

As long as we are writing about series, here is another gem. The Strain just finished wrapping the story up with its fourth and last season. I really enjoyed this series being one of my favourite tv vampire shows besides True Blood.


Based on novels by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, this apocalyptic story about the fight between strigoi and their wicked Master and a handful of people resisting was a blast. It has everything in it that I desired from a good story, strigoi, Nazis, past, present and future colliding and of course plenty of action and gore for your entertainment. FX did a really fine job with these four seasons, so I was actually sorry that it finished but they did a good job with the ending. I read only the first novel in the trilogy so I dont really know if it finished the way it is in the books. In the beginning of the fourth season I was kinda let down first three episodes, but later it gets awesome!

47 Meters Down is an adventure/animal attack horror movie.


It is about two sisters on a vacation in Mexico and to drown their sorrow because one of them was dumped by her boyfriend, went to dive in a cage with sharks. From then on things get fucked up and the girls, you guessed it, end up in a cage 47 meters under the sea with limited oxygen and surrounded by sharks. I have seen literally tons of movies with sharks, doing this and that and this one is one of the better ones in that subgenre. The underwater camera is nice, the sharks are nicely done, not that poor cgi that usually spoils the whole movie from the beginning. The movie also has enough intensity to make you watch it from the beginning right to the very end.

And, Monty Python would say, now for something completely different. The Lure is a weird movie from Poland.

the lure

It is a mixture of comedy, drama and horror movie. The story revolves around two mermaid sisters, namely Golden and Silver who are adopted into cabaret in Warsaw. One sister socializes and enjoys human company, while other wants to eat people up and kill everyone. The movie is weird in many ways. It is filled with dancing and singing the weird songs so it almost borders with musical. The gore scenes are few and not too bloody. I dont really know what to think about this movie. Some parts are utterly stupid and some are touching and funny. Weird European movie indeed!