(record review)AKERCOCKE-“Renaissance in Extremis”(Peaceville)

Its been exactly ten years since the last album and Akercocke just released a new album. What does the new album hold? Well,  the Brits got us exactly nine new songs, about 55 minutes long album.


There are some albums that work fine for me, but there are also those that make me nervous and this one was one of such albums. In general, the problem with this album is that it is too progressive even for and the old scene purist in me just woke up from the deep slumber and made me dislike this record. Dont get me wrong, the musicianship on this album is superb, but there is just too much guitar solos and they continue for too long in some songs. Lyrics are great, I think the band kept their Satanic edge through all these years. You cant go wrong with song titles such as “First to Leave the Funeral”. Jason Mendonca provides vocals that are sometimes blackish, sometimes death growl and a lot of times clean with additional help of female vocals here and there. The song structures vary from aggressive blast beats to moody atmospheric parts, but there is just too many things in one song to make me like it. There are some nice parts, but too few for me. This one was just too prog for me!