(record review)TERRIBLE OLD MAN-“Fungi From Yuggoth”(MDD Records)

As many of the readers who roam through the pages of this zine know, my all time favorite horror writer is H.P.Lovecraft. I always admired metal bands who were inspired by his works and worlds, and I always tried to find that ultimate band who would put Lovecraft words into melody and blend it in one great whole. Now I found it.


Terrible Old Man hail from Germany and this is their second full length album and what could I expect from a band who named themselves after one of Lovecraft stories? Frankly, I expected much and I got much. Imagine a band whose every lyric and song evolves and is directly derived from your favorite writer and his work. Well this album contains 10 songs of pure horror packed in melodic up tempo mix of heavy and doom metal but the band is not afraid to venture in some blast beat and faster waters. The vocals are cleanly sung and the singer does a great job. Oh yeah, to add more greatness, I checked the line up of the band and every member of the band is also named after one of the characters from Lovecraftian universe. This is an album that has it all, great music, great lyrics and I am happy I discovered this band.


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