(record review)SPILL YOUR GUTS-“Hungry Crows”

Spill Your Guts is a band made of international crew, based in Shanghai, China. After releasing a couple of ep-s, this is their first full length studio album.


Spill Your Guts play pretty darkened hardcore punk with some black metal and rock n roll influences. The guys really know how to play, they recently returned from the extensive Russian tour. I would love to see them and hear them live one day. The album has 9 tracks and it is an energetic bomb so it will melt your face off and make your ears bleed with pleasure.

The lyrics are all in English language and I love how they are written, kinda deep but with a sharp edge. Thematically, they deal with some personal issues like being far from home, but also a lot of political stance, like fighting against prejudices in modern society, then again about friendship and how to keep it, and these guys have a really big heart and it is in a right place. This album proves that hardcore has no physical boundaries. The music is metal influenced and very dark, but also has some very fast blastbeats in song structures that kinda slow down in almost sludgy passages in some parts. Vocals are screamed and nicely done but there are also some clean melodic sung parts like in “Satan 3(some)”

This album is really good and if you love your hardcore punk with some dark stuff, get it and support these guys, I am sure that every support means a lot to them!