(record review)A PALE DECEMBER-“The Shrine of Primal Fire”

I am impressed, I can say frankly. Many todays black metal bands tend to be boring or too generic or repetitive, especially many bands consisting of one or two members.


Fortunately this is not the case with A Pale December. This duo is hailing from mighty Italy, namely Milan. This is their debut album consisting of 7 songs. A Pale December play black metal that I would dare call symphonic melodic black metal. The structure of the songs is nothing new, but that mix of aggressive blast beat parts and atmospheric acoustic  parts backed with skillfull and nice synth parts suits me just fine as I am listening and writing this warm Autumn night. The vocals are harsh but not high pitched and you can actually understand a lot of the lyrics. The song lyrics themselves deal with nature, evil and some personal demons. The drums are programmed and you can actually hear while listening that the drummer is the machine but it is nicely done and I loved every single bit of this album. I did not hear a good symphonic black metal for a long time. I am happy I heard this band and hope that their next releases will be event better.