Some Stephen King and Neil Gaiman books I have read lately!

October is the right month for reading some darker horror and fantasy books, so I have been reading some stuff from one of my favourite writers of all times, Stephen King.


For starters, there is one short novel/story that I finished in one day, namely Dolans Cadillac. This is not a horror story, it is rather thriller with a classic theme or motive and it is revenge. The main characters wife sees a mafia boss murder someone and for that she gets blown up in her car. Her husband seeks out revenge, and plans to do it on a remote desert highway when mafia boss will travel to Las Vegas in his cadillac. Although short, this is a nice piece of tense thriller with psychological stuff thrown in for good measure. It was really nice to read and feel the main characters rage and anguish in his efforts to avenge his innocent wife. Whether he succeeded or not, read it yourselves!


This was a short ride, so I decided to stay for a while with Stephen King, so I have read another one, namely Cycle of the Werewolf, upon which was made Silver Bullet, great werewolf themed horror flick. Little town is under siege by the horrible nameless beast. Every full moon the beast comes out and kills people untill it runs into a boy in a wheelchair who manages to guess the real identity of the beast. Who will win in this battle? A boy or the beast? Wow! This one was a great nostalgic return to my childhood years when I was at the same time fascinated and scared by the movie that I mentioned above. The movie follows the book almost to the letter, so if you saw the movie youll know what I am talking, in fact writing about.


Untill American Gods, Neil Gaiman was practically a mystery to me. I have heard about his works and many of my friends spoke to me about his books, him being one of their favorite writers. So, I decided to read one of his books and it was okay. The epic story about ex con Shadow caught in the war between old and new deities was for me a combination between dark fantasy and road novel, Americana. Since I love heroic sword and sorcery fantasy along with my Star Wars this kind of dark fantasy took some time to work for me. This was an okay novel but for me nothing more. I will of course give Neil Gaiman a chance and read more of his works to get the real picture of him as an author.




(record review)THE THEATRE ZOMBIES-“Welcome To Oblivion”

The Theatre Zombies from USA were already featured on the pages of this zine when I did an interview with them.


This Halloween, their new album came out and it is time for me to write something about it, because it is excellent. The album consists of 6 songs of fast, energetic and melodic horror punk with pop, hardcore and metal influences. The opener “Patient Zero” has a beautiful melody in bridge and chorus completed with nice guitar solo. “Carfax Abbey” is a metallic and great energetic melody bomb of a song. All of the songs are fast paced and I can only imagine how this sounds live, probably I would shit myself from joy listening and dancing to this. The choruses are anthemic and have a lot of gang singing back vocals so everyone can join in. What impressed me the most on this record and about this band is that this guys can really play and melt my face of with their music. This is an excellent album. Get it!