(record review)CRNI DANI U VATIKANU-“S/T e.p.”

With a name like this, in Croatian language meaning Black Days in Vatican, this Croatian band hailing from Virovitica could be easily mistaken for some wicked black metal or death metal band.


Well, wicked they are, but the music this band plays is total avantgarde and experimental kind of punkrock mixed with pop and some subtle indierock and death metal elements. If I should compare their music with someone, Dekubitus and Schmrtz Teatar come to mind, only this guys handle their instruments and have song structures way better than aforementioned bands.

The ep contains 8 songs with lyrics in Croatian language. The vocals are done in a weird way with singer singing the lines in some bizarre upper regions, shouting but also kinda chanting. Throw in some disturbing keyboard backgrounds and you get an original and memorable piece of music. I would really like to hear and see this live, because I am sure that would be an awesome experience.